The Handbook
The Handbook

Monday night – I battled my way through the commuters at Waterloo, dodged travellers on the escalators on the Jubilee line and managed to escape the clutches of the sales people in Westfields, Stratford – you know the sort, the ones who tell you that ‘you really do need this dead sea salt/natural fungi/ coconut/olive/peanut oil’ because it will wonderfully transform you from a tired, worn out Londoner into a goddess of some sort…. Yep sure. Anyway I had got through this mini marathon and finally made my way to my destination: Ping Pong which has recently opened up in The Loft.

We were told that this was a new generation of Ping Pong – like a iPad that has been upgraded, quite how we weren’t sure- the interior was different, lighter and more open – the wall represented, we think, fish scales, but apart from that we couldn’t see much of a difference nor were we told the difference.

We ordered what seemed a veritable feast of dishes, because dim sum Mondays are the best Mondays and you can never have too much. The roast pork puff stood out, sweet, flaky pastry with a hint of honey and tender pork – we ordered 2 but were given 5, why this was we weren’t too sure, but hey ho we won’t complain – they're so darn good. The chicken shu mai and seafood dumpling were also winners alongside the king prawn and scallop sticky rice- which was wonderful.

We had ordered the honeyed – glazed spare ribs but were presented with slices of pork drenched in a spicy oil – apparently the ribs had run out, not a problem but a heads up before they brought it over wouldn’t have gone amiss as the pork was a little dry and the oil needed to come with a warning – because boy was it hot, too hot to eat in fact – and my friend, the avid traveller is no novice when it comes to eating spicy food.

Pudding was a little bit of a mix up – one menu had one list of puddings, another had another – they all got a bit confused with the order, we asked for the valrhona chocolate bun but were given a chocolate coulant which was dark, intense and very rich.  A chocolate coconut fondant was sweet and warm and oozed chocolate sauce and just pipped the coulant to be the best. A coconut mochi however was bland, tasteless and rather chewy and not in a good way.

As with all new restaurants Ping Pong is perhaps having a few teething problems, they have the location and the menu to make it popular with shoppers – they  just need to iron out the creases.