Plant-based delivery service Bonapeti launches

By Charlotte Knight |
15th December 2014

In the run up to Christmas the food is coming heavy and fast with delicious comfort food tempting us wherever we go. With a huge roast dinner on the cards, we prepare ourselves in the meantime with carbs galore! Mac’n’cheese – check, cottage pie – check, raiding the advent chocolate calendar – definitely check. But while we may try to rationalise this with the old bulking for winter excuse, unless you are caveman and all food is scarce on the ground, it doesn’t count.

Opening just in time for the new year in early January, when the maximum indulging has been completed over the festive period, is Bonapeti; a plant-based meal delivery company. Providing brightly coloured dishes to your door, reminding you that other colours of food exist in winter besides from beige, Bonapeti is an easy way to get your vitamin fix.

Offering a selection of sweet and savoury dishes with influences taken from all over the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean, the menu boasts treats like Baked Kohlrabi, layers of Kohlrabi, potatoes and butternut squash with a spiced tomato preserve that imitates a lasagne with only a fraction of the calories to its pasta alternative – one of our favourites, this ticks the comfort food box without any of the guilt. If you are feeling super healthy, try the carrot salad with carrots, pomegranate seeds, red onion and a spicy Dukkah nut mix.

For a guilt free dessert there’s the chilli marinated roasted pineapple served with mango, papaya and a fantastic coconut and macadamia mix. So when you are making your new year’s resolutions with go to the gym more and stop smoking on it, make sure you add ordering from Bonapeti to your list too for a healthy, gorgeous new you. 

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