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Caroline Josling's reviews could not be more glowing and there's little surprise to this as it seems Caroline might just have solved the enigma to youthful skin. Her rejuvanessence facial energy release is an in demand holistic treatment which works on releasing different tissues and muscles around the face. The gentle finger massage treatment lasts for one hour and twenty minutes and is the secret behind skin tone improvement and wrinkle diminishment.

The treatment is set over six sessions and each one concentrates on a specific area of the face. Although signs of lines and wrinkle reduction are normally only effective after several sessions have been undertaken, an immediate feeling of well being and the face is radiant even after the first session.

During her treatment the client simply rests, while Caroline skilfully and gently removes tension from the face. Half way through the session Caroline held a mirror to my face so I was able to see a difference in the sides. There is a subtle softening of the cheeks and jaw, the eye seems wider and skin tone is smoother. After completion the face seems to have relaxed totally, all the tension that you hold has been expelled and there is a definite bloom in the skin.

Caroline is eager to emphasise this holistic treatment is a much deeper experience then just a massage or facial. Not only did I feel that I went into a much heavier relaxation than I've done in a massage before but I also came away with a huge sense of wellbeing even after the first session.


So, despite lotions and potions constantly being thrown your way it seems that this could finally be the answer to everlasting youthfulness and Caroline seems the perfect advertisement for this. She not only offers Rejuvanessence facial energy release treatments but also Rejuvanessence training as well, and a selection of enticing other therapies such as pregnancy reflexology and aromatherapy.


And who said one must suffer in order to be beautiful?


Caroline Josling

Caroline also works at:
15 Edge Street

London W8 7PN

Tel: 020 7221 4602