What? Known for their laid back vibes, live music, BBQ food and hearty portions of comfort food, Big Easy is a big slice of American comfort food dotted throughout London. A place to go for a few drinks and a lot of food. Rock up at the weekend and you’ll find their boozy (note no longer bottomless) brunch, which is exactly what we did.

New? Nope, the first Big Easy opened back in 1991 and it’s been 17 years of BBQing, chargilling and seafood.

Where? Whilst we visited the original, the Kings Road joint, you’ll also find Big Easy in Covent Garden and Canary Wharf.
Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Lobstershack: 332-334 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 5UR www.bigeasy.co.uk

On the Menu: The menu is simple, you’ve got two options: The Big Pig Gig (for all those fans of Limitless BBQ) and the Lobster Fest for those who like to be fancy come a weekend. The Big Pig Gig is a platter of slaw, BBQ beans, fries, cornbread and limitless BBQ chicken, Texas hot links and baby back ribs. The Lobster Fest is equally as decadent, you just can’t stuff yourself silly on it, which is probably quite a good thing, there’s only so much lobster mac ‘n’ cheese that you can eat. Dishes include lobster California rolls, double shrimp rolls and a whole pound of fresh lobster.

The Look: Big Easy is relaxed, it’s fun, it’s a little worn about the edges, but they’d rather everyone was having a good time than whether or not everything was just so. When you first head in it takes a while for your eyes to adjust, it’s dark the ceilings are low and the only splash of colour comes from their red and white gingham table cloths. Dark wooden panels and exposed brick walls are covered in strings of fairy lights, business cards and numerous signs with the deal of the day on. It’s split across two floors, but tables are bunched up, it’s noisy, rowdy, just the way a BBQ joint should be.

What We Ate: It had to be The Big Pig Gig, not because at the rate I’m going I will soon resemble a Big Pig, but because it just smelt so darn good. Smoky sauce coating ribs, chicken mixing in with the sweet honey-ness of sticky, dense cornbread and the spiciness of the hot sausages. There were salty chunky fries and smoky BBQ beans and refreshing, creamy slaw. The sausages were an absolute winner and we ordered rack after rack of ribs, the chicken was a little hit and miss with some of it being particularly gristly and bony, but when you can just order more it doesn’t matter so much.

The food isn’t gourmet, you’re not going for the fine dining experience, you’re going because it’s fun, for the novelty. Luckily the food is (on the whole) top notch.

What We Drank: To wash down the brunch you can choose from a bottle of prosecco or house wine or a  large jug of Big Easy Brew or frozen Bacardi mojito. If you’re clever you can order different drinks between your table or you can do as we did and stick with the classic prosecco. Safe to say, two bottles down we were glad for the amount of food lining our stomachs.

Go With: Vegetarian and vegan friends, this one is not for you. Sorry. This one, is for those, who like to get stuck into their food, in, after a few drinks, caveman style.

Final Word: Not going at the weekend? Check out their daily specials, like their all day happy hour on Monday, their unlimited deep fried shrimp on tuesdays and their express lunch menus.

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Big Easy Bar.B.Q & Lobstershack: 332-334 Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 5UR

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