We Review The Bletchley…Shhh

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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 9th November 2017
We Review The Bletchley…Shhh

What: The Bletchley is an immersive, World War 2 themed pop-up where you use your cunning and deductive skills to earn yourself tailor-made cocktails.

New? The original pop-up covertly opened in March 2017 and after 7410 applications it went permanent in July.

Where? The code cracking experience begins before you even arrive, as the first task is to actually find The Bletchley – we were clearly dealing with pros. After shiftily casing World’s End Market a few times we bit the bullet and went inside to ask the for help. It was revealed to us that The Bletchley is hidden in an underground bunker with the entrance found at the back of World’s End Market – we were clearly going to smash this. 459 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LJ www.thebletchley.co.uk

On the menu: While The Bletchley solely serves drinks, upstairs you can dine at World’s End Market with dishes like lamb chops, steak and gnocchi. Read a review here we did earlier this year for our full thoughts.

The Look: As soon as you descend the (fairly narrow and dangerous) stairs your experience begins. You are immediately promoted from average citizen to Agent (insert your favourite colour – mine was pink, because duh) and awarded with a very chic army jacket that sort of fit. There is a bar near the exit where the magic happens and fellow Intelligence Officers work tirelessly to create liquid concoctions from coded messages the Agents send. The walls are filled with posters from the 1930s and 40s, ye old communication equipment and more importantly, hidden clues.
What We Drank: You are given a hot toddy when you arrive before your first mission is made clear. You use clues to crack the password of a suitcase filled with various smells and flavours, you pick your favourite and whizz over the info to the barkeep who makes you a customised cocktail. This is then repeated in a similar fashion for mission 2 except you use a codebook to pick your preferred scents and flavours.

Go With: Bring your cleverest friend so you can let them take the lead while you still reap the rewards*.

Final Word: The Bletchley is great fun and although there are only 2 missions that don’t take too long (my fellow Agent and Turing fan cracked the codes quickly leading us to victory over the other groups #sorrynotsorry) the 2 hour slot whizzed by. It’s nice after a hard day of being a top secret, code-breaking, wonder Agent to kick back with 2 bespoke cocktails – I hope this post doesn’t blow my cover. The Bletchley offers the right amount of difficult to make you feel like you’ve earned your drink without being so complicated that you feel like a failure!
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*If you are the cleverest friend in your group then just bring your most complimentary friends so they can marvel at your intellect over a personalised Martini.

The Bletchley: 459 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LJ www.thebletchley.co.uk

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