The Handbook
The Handbook

What: Bokan has launched a special 5-course vegan tasting menu for World Vegan Month and while there are no animals on the menu you can enjoy a bird’s eye view from the restaurant.

New? The tasting menu itself is new for World Vegan Month but the restaurant already does and will continue to cater for vegan requests off menu so don’t be afraid to ask – the kitchen is armed and prepared to cater to your plant-based needs.

Where? Novotel, 40 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, E14 9TP

On the Menu: Accomplished head chef, Aurélie Altemaire, has created inventive plant-based dishes like carrot soup amuse bouche and roasted celeriac with organic apple puree. The menu is the result of a talented chef applying clever techniques to vegetables to make them the star of each dish instead of an afterthought.

The Look: A semi-secretive door and wall sign alerts you to the entrance to Bokan, just inside is a lift that whisks you 37 floors up to the bar and restaurant – prepare for some subtle ear popping. Bokan has a dark industrial feel inside with bare wood flooring and glass walls which is where your attention is drawn, because at 37 floors up (39 if you head to the roof bar) you have an eagle-eyed view of London. Even when it’s raining you can’t deny the attractive view of London lit up at night; impress your friends with your impeccable knowledge of London landmarks as you spot the Shard and the London Eye in the distance. Vegans may want to avoid the cowhide found on the banquettes.

What We Ate: We started with an unusual carrot soup amuse bouche, it was served in a pretty teacup set with dried carrot shards but lacked any real ‘wow’ factor. The aubergine and piquillo peppers with roquette coulis and black olives were well presented but visually the roast celeriac, organic apples, toasted hazelnuts and sage (from Bōkan’s very own garden) was the most impressive. The smaller celeriac parcels were delicious although the larger ones were slightly tougher and the apple puree could have done with being a tad tarter. The pumpkin risotto with chives with truffle was predictably the most filling of all the dishes topped with a slice of pumpkin and mushrooms in various forms. Finishing on a sweet note was refreshing pineapple carpaccio with raspberry, passion fruit, candied cashew and piña colada sorbet. The dessert was very light and would have been ideal in summer but the colder it gets, the more hearty dishes are preferred.

Go With: Great for after work drinks or impressing clients by showing off the view and your ability to point out obvious landmarks.

Final Word: The vegan menu felt healthy and light with beautifully presented dishes, it won’t leave you bloated and sluggish even after five courses. It’s good for vegans who want a special meal in a more upmarket establishment instead of a raw cafe in Dalston.

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Bokan: Novotel, 40 Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, E14 9TP