What? CUT at 45 Park Lane is Wolfgang Puck’s first European outpost, a classic American steak restaurant that mirrors the award-winning original CUT in Beverly Hills. It’s sleek, chic and serves up excellent steak.

New? Nope now in its seventh year, it’s been open since 2011.

 Where? Part of the Dorchester Collection, you’ll find it at, 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, W1K 1PN, www.dorchestercollection.com

The Look: CUT is slick, it’s all polished floors, gold, red and tan tones, leather banquettes, Damien Hurst art work (they have the Diamond Dust Psalms series) and contemporary striking lights, that said despite there being so many lights, the restaurant was rather dark. Not only is this ideal date lighting for setting the ambience, but it also proves very favourable when I managed to get mustard in my eye, I temporarily went blind and my makeup ran down my face. Admittedly my boyfriend noticed, but the waiters weren’t closer enough to see the mascara infused tears weeping profusely from my eye.

On the Menu: Whilst it might be known for its steak, the menu also includes the likes of: sautéed Dover sole Meuniére with preserved lemon and parsley; roasted baby beets with Dorstone goat cheese, toasted pistachios and micro basil mint; Suffolk lamb chops with cucumber-mint ranita and sides such as morel mushrooms with green asparagus and wild garlic and Desiree potato puree.

What We Ate: I’m often one of those annoying diners who asks the waiters what they recommend and then promptly order everything but, not this time. Our waiter said with such conviction that we should order the butter lettuce salad and the tuna tartar to start that we did. The buttery lettuce was served with creamy avocado, Stilton and Champagne- herb vinaigrette. Not particularly healthy but 1) I was about to consume mac n cheese and steak so was beyond calorie counting and 2) it was delicious. Plus, for £16 I want something decadent. Wasabi aioli, ginger and tosa soy gave the melty tuna tartar a kick.

Onto the steaks, USDA prime New York sirloin steaks to be exact. 10oz of pure steak delight, full of flavour, tender and we both agreed that it was one of the best we had tried. Sides left us divided, Westcombe Cheddar mac n cheese, had us fighting over the last the mouthful, but Brussel sprouts, with roasted shallots and sesame yuzu were a little undercooked.

For pudding there was a dainty take on the sticky toffee pudding, a toffee Medjool date cake with apricot gel and honeycomb ice cream. Normally sticky toffee pudding is my go to, I can’t get enough of the stuff, but these waiters were good because there I was ordering a warm dark chocolate soufflé which was then topped with whipped crème fraiche and toasted hazelnut Gianduja ice cream, it had just enough time to melt into the light mousse before it was promptly devoured.

What We Drank: We found ourselves getting all the attention when our wine arrived. Our bottle of  Antolini Amarone della Valpollicella Classico “Moropio” arrived in a decantering contraction that saw the Imperial bottle of strapped in and then tipped up with the use of a handle. I’m sure there’s a much more technical name, but I am yet to find it, despite asking a very reputable source in the wine industry, who just said ‘ah yes, one of those, I couldn’t tell you the name though.’ The wine was excellent.

Go With: You’ll want to take a steak fan, the atmosphere makes it ideal for a late-night date, but we were also joined by groups of businessmen who were settling into the red wine and, sat next to us, two boys who couldn’t be much older than eleven and their preoccupied mothers. Jonny informed the table that ‘Mummy (who was answering emails) had suggested Hakkasan but I preferred CUT’ so that’s where they had ended up. No doubt Jonny will continue to eat at CUT as he also announced he had a connection in New York who would help him become a hedge fund manager. As I said, he was no older than eleven.

Final Word: A steak restaurant might not be the first place you think of for an afternoon tea, but launching on 4th July, 45 Park Lane will be launching an American version of an afternoon tea: CUTcakes & Tea. Highlights include cola cake with caramel corn, chocolate-orange burger macaroons, peanut butter and jelly twinkies and black truffle grilled cheese and fried chicken.

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CUT at 45 Park Lane: 45 Park Lane, Mayfair, W1K 1PN

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