We Review: The Giggling Squid Wimbledon

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Fenella Tobey by | Posted on 11th January 2018
We Review: The Giggling Squid Wimbledon

What: We giggled, and we ate wonderfully (just not the squid)

New? Yes. Well, sort of. The Giggling Squid is a chain of restaurants that has establishments all over the UK, and now there is one in Wimbledon.

Where: 26 High Street, Wimbledon, SW19 5BY www.gigglingsquid.com

The Look: One of the main things I loved about this restaurant was the décor. The walls are covered with foliage, bright flowers pinned to the walls, wicker partitions, and hanging plants and baskets. There’s plenty to marvel at as you wait for your food or in the queue for the restaurant, as it should be noted the place was busy, tables turning over very quickly, which can only speak of its popularity.

On the Menu: There is a range of dishes, depending on meat or vegetarian preferences. Sharing plates are also an important part of the Taiwanese culture, so if you’re like me and like a bit of everything these are a good way to go.

What We Ate: To start, my friend was instantly sold on the satay chicken, and though this is also a favourite of my own, I felt I had to be a little more adventurous. Then I spotted the duck spring rolls. They both arrived, and the smell made my mouth water.

My spring rolls came with the most deliciously thick soy sauce for dipping and they were sensational. Two medium sized rolls cut into two and it was the perfect amount. I did manage to try a bit of the chicken. Although my friend was very generous to offer, I couldn’t help but feel I would be smited if I tried to take more than one bite, because yes, it was that good. The chicken itself was tender and came as three skewers with the satay sauce in a dipping dish. (I was left finger licking, because when mum’s not watching some manners go out the window, obviously).

A huge pad Thai arrived with the biggest prawns I’ve ever seen. While a bowl of what looked like pop corn chicken plus vegetables was placed in front of me. My first thought was dry, oh my god dry some one chuck me a glass of water I feel thirsty just looking at it. Then arrived my jasmine rice. I had asked the waitress if she suggested I order anything to go with the dish, as it did not come with any rice, noodles, etc. I saw the rice… DRY. Agh! I tried it and the chicken was delicious I have no quibbles there, but the dish screamed for a sauce of some kind. When I asked, three dipping sauces arrived and my dish was instantly revolutionised. Though I think it would perhaps have done better had the chicken sat atop some wet noodles or egg fried rice. The pad Thai, though perfectly tasty, was on the large side, too much noodle and not enough bits.

For pudding my friend ordered the pineapple, coconut, and mekhong sorbet, which was basically a pina colada reincarnated. An awesome pallet cleanser with flavours that packed a punch.

What we Drank: Kept it simple with a bottle of Pinot.

Go with: Anyone and everyone.

Final word: The Giggling Squid is a lovely restaurant with delicious food, some of the dishes may have needed a little tweaking but, because of those starters I will be returning… but maybe in the summer when it’s warmer as we were sat near the door and the draught was nipple crippling.

If you like this then try: Rosa’s Thai, Patara Thai, Nipa Thai.

The Giggling Squid: 26 High Street, Wimbledon, SW19 5BY

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