The Handbook
The Handbook

What? Just as Ronseal does exactly what it says on the tin, Sticks N Sushi, does exactly as the name suggests, it serves yakitori sticks and sushi. Finding ourselves free on a rainy Saturday afternoon and with a new Sticks N Sushi having recently opened in Nova, we took the good, old, (slow), District Line over to Victoria.

New? Opening in London for the first time in 2012, they started in Wimbledon and have gone on to open restaurants in Oxford, Cambridge, Covent Garden, Canary Wharf and Greenwich. This latest restaurant opened at the end of last year.

 Where? Part of Nova, you’ll find Sticks N Sushi at: Unit 3-5, 3 Sir Simon Milton Square, Victoria, SW1E 5EB 
That said if you can’t eat in because your bed/sofa is just too enticing, then they also do takeaway.

The Look: Split across two floors, we ate upstairs, the space is simple and pared back with dark grey walls, arched ceilings minimalistic wooden chairs that have that distinct Scandinavian vibe to them and globe pendant lighting.

On the Menu: Sticks N Sushi was founded by brothers Jens and Kim Rahbek and Thor Andersen, who drew on their half-Japanese and half-Danish background to create a menu that reflects these traditions. Normally when restaurants photograph their food they manage to make it look anything but appealing, it’s also normally food that doesn’t need explaining, unless your fried chicken is pink and glittery then I don’t need to see it. Why am I saying this? Because Sticks N Sushi’s menu is created like a photo album (they’ve even called it that) and yet it’s a work of art. 143 photos make up the album in sections including bites, salads, maki, sashimi, nigiri and then the platters which give you a little taste of all the different sections.

What We Ate: The question really should be, what didn’t we eat, because we ordered a lot, it’s hard not to. The Extravaganza is a veritable feast, but yet we still ordered more, we couldn’t not try the fried cauliflower served with black sesame and truffle sauce and we suggest you do the same. The Extravaganza will give you the chance to try a different selection of sticks, sushi and bites. Highlights include excellent tempura shrimp in a batter made up of puffed rice; seared salmon with kizami-wasaibi, daikon and ponzu, seared salmon nigiri and the sticks. Forget pigs in blankets it all about plump scallops wrapped in bacon and coated in melting herb butter. Rib eye beef was also drenched in miso herb butter, but the ultimate winner was the flaky, miso marinated black cod. The only thing that we’d miss would be the ceviche scallops with chili, coriander, celery and tiger’s milk, the sauce was overly citrusy, overwhelming the subtle scallop flavours.

Somehow we managed to find room for pudding, a refreshing scoop of coconut ice cream, a dollop of yuzu sorbet and dark chocolate rolled in toasted sesame seeds.

What We Drank: To drink you’ll find different sakes, matcha drinks and cocktails, but we actually decided to keep things simple and both went for a glass of Louis D’or NV Brut.

Go With: Being so close to Victoria Station, it makes it an ideal stop for meeting friends straight from the train, and as long as they like sushi and/or grilled meats and vegetables then you’re onto winner.

Final Word: The week before I visited Sticks N Sushi a friend had dinner there. She said it was one of the best meals she had had in a long time, she wrote a long list of everything she recommended, I’ve kept that list and added to it the other dishes we ordered. If anyone wants to have a truly excellent meal, then you know where to find me for this list.

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Sticks N Sushi: Unit 3-5, 3, Sir Simon Milton Square, Victoria, SW1E 5EB