Salmontini Le Resto Review

By Charlotte Knight |
21st October 2014

Salmontini le Resto recently opened in London, making it the first European venue from the Salmontini brand. Situated in Belgravia, the focus on the food is salmon with a selection of cold and hot salmon specialties including an extensive array of sushi and sashimi.

The restaurant itself has a great décor and blends in well with the affluent neighbourhood; guests are invited to sit at the bar before being seated in the adjacent restaurant. After we were seated at our table, tell-tale signs of the newness of the restaurant appeared as a host of different waiters that came over in a steady stream, a different one to ask for drinks, another to bring bread, another offering menus and so on, which became frustrating when we had to explain to different waiters someone else had already asked but we had lost track of whom.

The restaurant boasts an extensive wine menu but as a cocktail fan I had other ideas, unfortunately they didn’t have a cocktail menu ready yet so I asked the waiter for a sweet, fruity cocktail. A moment later the barman came over saying apparently I needed help deciding, I repeated the same as before and he went off to create a delicious berry martini cocktail, so good I may have enjoyed several more throughout the night.

The menu had plenty of options for mains but rather few for starters or desserts, we opted for the Asparagus Soup which was pleasant but nothing special. Onto the mains, the options were plentiful but not if you don’t eat meat, leaving only salads or a few select sushi pieces. As a main the Mozzarella and Tomato salad was rather lacking…any other ingredients than lettuce and pesto that is, a nice dish but not a main. The Lamb Chop was delicious albeit tiny for the £23 price tag is came with.

As a pudding fan, I found the dessert menu a little scarce with a Tirimasu, Chocolate Fondue and Apple Tart joined by a selection of sorbets and ice creams as my options. When enquiring to what exactly the Apple Tart was I was met with an unwelcome look from the waiter, as if to say, isn’t it obvious? Embarrassed I asked if it was just pastry, custard and apples and he confirmed so I ordered, upon arrival it was a warm pastry square, no custard but served with ice cream and salt caramel sauce; a delicious pudding, extra points for salt caramel but a helpful response from the waiter would have been preferred.  

Aside from a few teething problems with unorganised staff and a lack of decent vegetarian options or a cocktail menu, which can be easily rectified, I found the evening enjoyable and would say it is worth a visit, even if you just sit at the bar and get the talented mixologist to whip up some bespoke creations while you soak up the atmosphere.

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