The Handbook
The Handbook

What?  Jules Heaton was the marketing and communications director at O2 but gave it all up to pursue her love of chips. And good thing she did really, because she created Saucy Chip – which as the name suggests are chips topped with the likes of mozzarella and pesto and gravy.

New? Saucy Chip launched in 2014 and has since been touring festivals up and down country, then at the end of April this year they found a permanent home at Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen in Fitzrovia.

Where? Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen, 33 – 34 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, W1T 1JN,

On the Menu:
This is pure indulgent comfort food. If you’ve got any notions of having anything in the least bit healthy then you’ll be disappointed. Granted, there are a couple of salads, but you’ve got a problem if you go to Saucy Chip and forgo the chips for salad – if you want something healthy, Detox Kitchen is a five- minute walk away, they’ll sort you out. Starters go down the route of sticky chipolatas and popcorn shrimp. There are a couple of hot dogs and Jules tells us that she just quite likes McDonalds, so you’ll find burgers inspired by their menu like The G’Tartare Hero – a take on Filet-O-Fish, except it’s about a hundred times better.

Puddings are the sort that Willy Wonka would be pleased with, the sort of creation you make when you just want to eat all your favourite things in one go. Take the Death by Chocolate Brownie for example made from caramel brownie, cookie dough, Oreo and Rolo crumb, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, pecan brittle, raspberries, raspberry coulis, whipped cream and topped with a Twix, the name might not actually be an exaggeration. We’ve saved the best until last though, the chips – these are no ordinary chips, they are loaded with toppings, like confit garlic mayonnaise, beef gravy, fiery chillies and mounds of melting cheese.

First Impressions: Blink and you could miss the subterranean Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen, it could be why on a Friday evening it wasn’t as busy as it could have been. That said Saucy Chip is drawing in the customers, it’s bringing in a whole new set of people who wouldn’t otherwise visit the bar and I have a feeling that as more people catch on to just how good Saucy Chip is, Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen will be packed.

The Look: Saucy Chip occupies the back of Jerusalem Bar and Kitchen in Fitzrovia, it’s dark, with a mix of exposed stone walls and wooden panels. Above the kitchen is a sign saying FOOD where the OOs are made up of bicycle wheels, with a stuffed owl sitting on the handle bars. Tin buckets strung up on the ceiling direct the way to the loos and it has a raw, rough edge feeling to it.

What We Ate: First things first, these are the best chips we’ve ever had. Seriously. And the photos just don’t do them justice. Other chips just pale in comparison compared to these. They’re thick cut, proper hunks of potato that are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Whatever they do to them it’s a winning formula, because, they have propelled themselves into my top five favourite dishes of all time, just like that. We went for the signature Rock & Roll chips which are topped with oozing, melted Cheddar and Red Leicester and covered in a 24-hour steeped rich beef gravy with chunks of beef in it. And it’s heaven. We also went for The Italian Job – chips covered in a fragrant fresh basil pesto mayonnaise, melted mozzarella, Cheddar and then a basil and parmesan crumb. Indulgent to say the least.

The burgers were excellent too – Flaky haddock covered in panko golden breadcrumbs with Sparkenhoe Red Leicester, a homemade tartare sauce and baby gem lettuce made up The G’Tartare Hero Burger. And the Bacon Cheese burger ticked every box for the ideal burger – crispy bacon, melting cheese, tangy pickles, sharp red onion, secret SC sauce and a light brioche bun holding it all together. The best thing about the burgers is that they all come with a portion of chips and two of their sauces to dip them in – a pretty good deal for London, especially as the most expensive burger is only £13.

What We Drank: Being a Friday we ordered a bitter Negroni and a rum Old Fashioned which had a real kick to it.

Go With: Obviously, you need to take a chip fan, that goes without saying, but you’re also going to want to take someone who is up for eating a lot.

Final Word: The only thing restricting us here were our waistbands, whatever you do, go hungry. You don’t want to make our mistake and miss out on the puddings. Will we be returning to try them out? Yes, of course.

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Saucy Chip: Jerusalem Bar & Kitchen, 33-34 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia W1T 1JN