The Handbook
The Handbook

For those in search of a brilliant Happy Hour offer or a slightly kookier bar in the Mornington Crescent or Camden area then look no further than Simmons Bar.

Having opened at the end of last year, the interior is a mix of your Grandma’s sitting room – the chintzy wallpaper, the lamps mix matched crockery, the teapots that the drinks arrive in, and the flying ducks across the walls – crossed with a branch of Urban Outfitters – Simmons Bar is home to the largest skull shaped disco ball (we were in love) and also has a SNES console where you can play Mario Kart – genius!

We arrived early on a Wednesday evening to find that it was already starting to fill up, it could be the lure of the Happy Hour which actually lasts five whole hours, or it could just be that the cocktails they serve are delicious and midweek cocktails need no excuse.

Before we get on to how good the cocktails were – we need to say how good the cocktail list is, full of puns, jokes and random ramblings it is hilarious – take their description of the Toblerone cocktail: ‘This cocktail is disgusting, don’t bother getting it….not really it’s well nice, and how couldn’t it be; it’s full of Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, Cream, a drizzle of Honey and a bit of Chocolate Powder. Sounds good, is good.’   We know, genius!

We started with a French Mar – Tea – Ni, as the name suggests served in a teapot with tea cups on saucers; it's meant for 3 or 4 people so perfect for sharing in a group or indulging in, in a pair!  We followed this up with a tall cocktail which was a muddle of Bourbon and strawberry it was lovely – sweet but not so sugary you end up feeling giddy.

Simmons Bar is definitely worth a visit if you are in the Camden area and if not there is one over in King’s Cross on the Caledonian Road – see no excuse now!