The Handbook
The Handbook

What: Wholesome locally sourced food
Where: Battersea
Why You Should Go There: For casual, fresh food. 
Favourite Thing We Ate: Sweet potato gnocchi

Battersea is widely known for its landmark power station and ever-popular dog’s home, so top restaurants aren’t exactly what comes to mind when you think of this South London district. However, the restaurant Source, with its emphasis on showcasing wholesome locally sourced food, is a great addition to the Battersea scene. In line with the restaurant’s premise of keeping things local and healthy, the menu is adapted every season to highlight the best of fresh British produce and prides itself on its sourcing of fresh, local ingredients…well, it is in the name after all.

Our first course was crab toast with crab butter, spring onion and chilli. This was a generous portion of fresh and sweet crab atop a toasted sourdough base with subtle hints of chilli. A tasty and filling starter, served on rustic wooden planks (a bit of a restaurant cliché these days, but we’ll let them off.) The main was a sweet potato gnocchi, which was wrapped in a blanket of cheese, with purple sprouting broccoli and sprinkled with toasted almonds. This dish was sweet and hearty, making for some great comfort food.

Things got really interesting with dessert, with the promise of croissant ice cream, which was served with Hibiscus jelly and topped with scattered cranberries. Croissant ice cream is definitely an enticing addition to the menu and it was a good twist on the old British classic of jelly and ice cream, although the croissant flavour was slightly lacking in depth.

In terms of setting, the restaurant follows the recent trend of rustic and industrial interiors. There are stripped walls and exposed brick, but the large bay windows and scattered candles add warmth to the restaurant’s intimate atmosphere. A real plus of the venue is its prime location, which is directly beside the river, allowing for a cosy outdoor seating area on the terrace – perfect for upcoming summer nights of drinking till sunset (and then continuing).

If you’re looking to dine ethically and combine the best British produce with visible food traceability, Source is the restaurant for you. With its adapting menus, Source is perfect for repeat visits and is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of central London.