STK: It’s Rare To Find A Steak Restaurant This Good

It could well be down to my age but boy do I love the atmosphere inside STK. Granted, it’s a bit Saint Tropez night club-esque – at least one diner will be wearing something garishly glittery and if you don’t see someone feverishly sipping a brightly-coloured cocktail I’ll eat my hat. But you know what to expect at this stalwart steak joint, whose name is just as “extra” as its interiors.

Often described as a  ‘steakhouse for the stiletto set’, STK is attached to the ME Hotel where Aldwych abuts The Strand. It doesn’t slap you in the face with its existence but instead lets its reputation do the talking. Inside, Hollister-cum-Abercrombie & Fitch meets steak house as your eyes drift from popping purple neon lights, booths full of Champers-swiggers and florals snaking around a centrepiece lighting display that looks a bit like a posh jellyfish.

Amongst a sea of suits and boozy birthday dinners is some seriously delicious steak weaving about the place. Pulling up a pew at the bar, sitting central, to watch the culinary show, I followed suit with the other diners and ordered a glass of Champagne. It seems to be the “done thing” in this establishment, with Laurent Perrier bottles being popped at record speeds.

My eyes were drawn to a DJ that was positioned akin to the celebrity ones you see on Love Island who are awkwardly dragged on mid-way through the season to “liven things up.” It was all a bit random but it worked so well. Like ending up in a night club when you’ve just gone out for one drink – you’re there against your will but hell, you might as well just suck it up and dance.

STK doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to fun. And, submerged in a space high on life, I enjoyed working my way through their wholesome new summer menu which left me in a food-coma that I’m yet to shrug off! You’ll find the finest USDA grade steak with a man versus food style menu of American snake river wagyu sirloin, beef short rib, parmesan truffle chips and more – it’s a menu so worth the carb load!

I feel as though my London food journey thus far has consisted heavily of being told “you need to go to STK” and “make sure you have their Lil BRGS. And, I’ll have you know, the general consensus isn’t wrong – those BRGS are simply delicious. Consisting of USDA beef and truffled special sauce inside a sesame seed bun, it’s no surprise they’re an STK staple.

For main, it had to be a steak. But I challenge you to choose from such a brimming steak menu at a socially acceptable speed. I ended up having the USDA grain fed rib eye, medium rare, and it lived up to the standards you’d expect from such a stalwart steakhouse. Especially when washed down with a rich Portugese red – Plansel Selecta by Doria Lindemann.

Surprisingly, I was all aboard the dessert menu when the time cake. Mainly because it was called Sweet Treat Board and who the heck can turn that down? We washed down chocolate cakes, mini desserts, macaroons, fun sweets and cotton candy with lip-smacking cocktails form the brimming menu, and journeyed off into the night.

STK was simply wonderful and I look forward to going back… stilettos in tow!

STK can be found at 336-337 Strand, WC2R 1HA,

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