STK Review – What We Thought

By Rory Hinton |
17th May 2016

New? STK first opened its doors in 2013, shortly after the hotel in which it’s housed, ME, opened it’s doors in December 2012.

Where? ME London, 336-337 Strand,WC2R 1HA,

On the menu: We visited STK in order to try out their new pre-theatre menu; a condensed version of their full menu offering a small selection of dishes from each course. Although the selection was small it was also broad, offering a wide range of dishes to suit various palettes.  


The Look: The dimly lit room is given a purple hue by the lights shooting up pillars and under the bars, while small trees in the room given a sense of openness and comfort. While the music could be considered a little loud for those hoping for a quiet dinner, the type of music only added to the modern and polished feel of the space.

What we ate: Starters came in the form of two small wagyu burgers, dripping in juice and sauce. They were soft and delicate and while only a couple of mouthfuls each, were bursting with flavour. The wagyu beef was perfectly cooked and moist, and my only issue is that there may have been slightly too much sauce to really get the full impact of the beef.


After our burgers came steaks. The 350g USDA Rib Eye, although ever so slightly overcooked for my taste (I ordered medium-rare, what I got was slightly more rare), was still juicy and tender.  The texture was perfect, and was accompanied perfectly by the well-seasoned, crunchy fries.

Dessert was sticky toffee pudding, and it was done well. The sponge was soft, fluffy and light while the sauce was thick and heavy, with the vanilla ice cream adding the perfect smooth, cool aspect without over-sweetening.  


What We Drank: The highlight of out drinking experience was the STK Martini, recommended by our waiter. Not being a fan of Martini’s I was sceptical, but this one was delicious. Made with grapefruit, orange and passionfruit, the sweet concoction was wonderfully drinkable.

Go With: The loud music means that STK may not be perfect for a first date, but as a place to hang out with friends, possibly before a night out, STK is perfect.

Final Word: STK is like a nightclub-come-restaurant and definitely out of the ordinary. While I wouldn’t head there for a quiet dinner with colleagues it’s definitely a fun place, offering well-cooked, neatly presented food and an extensive drinks list.

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