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The Handbook

What: If you think bottomless brunches are just groups of us millennials binge drinking and getting rowdy then you’d be wrong, well partially wrong. Some bottomless brunches are much more sophisticated affairs and you’re probably not going to drink any more than our parents’ generation do when they have their dinner parties at the houses they bought when it was easy to get a mortgage (not that I’m bitter). Anyway, we went to one such bottomless brunch, the much more refined margarita brunch at Ella Canta.

New? Yes, it launched at the end of the summer and soon the restaurant will be celebrating their first anniversary having successful navigated the treacherous waters of the first year.

On the Menu: Is it even a brunch if there aren’t any eggs? Probably not, the two are mutually exclusive…of course. And whilst you might not find poached eggs you will find Huevos rancheros with fried eggs, refried beans, cheese and salsa roja de molcajete and scrambled eggs Mexican style with black beans and maize totopos. Elsewhere on the menu you’ll find roasted beef suadero style with avocado sauce, radish and spring onions and for pudding churros with choclate and salted caramel dipping sauce.

What We Ate: How do you make guacamole that bit extra? Top it with pomegranate jewels and a golden grasshopper of course. Fresh, creamy, (thanks to the crumbled fresh cheese on it) utterly moreish and with a suitable kick thanks to the crunchy critter – bush tucker trials here I come. Next up was a dish of Mexican bread stuffed with slow cooked pork in a spicy adobo salsa and Mexican tamal stuffed with cheese and black mole, made from no less than 37 ingredients. Matching its almost black colour, the mole has an earthy, chocolatey flavour with warms hints of cinnamon. And talking of earthy flavours, you have to go for the Queso fundido con hongos, essentially a dish of melted cheese topped with wild mushrooms, you’ll want to eat it quickly with tortillas before it cools and hardens. Get ready for some serious cheese pulls.

To finish you have to go for the classic churros and dunk them in plenty of salted caramel and chocolate sauce, or if you’re looking for something lighter we recommend the comforting set coconut and vanilla custard. To finish the decorative ferris wheel is brought out representing life, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down but life keeps going. Fitting given the past few weeks I’ve had. Beneath the wheel sat homemade ice pops, the flavours change regularly but we had a cleansing strawberry flavour which rounded everything off.

What We Drank: Rather than serve diluted sparkling wine, the brunch is all about a colourful margarita flight – not full margaritas of course, four and you’d be on the floor. The four flavours, which arrive with each course include: lavender (not as strong as you’d imagine), grapefruit, hibiscus and a brilliantly green pistachio. Of course, if you do still want sparkling wine then there is an Argentinian offering, which we’re told is subtler and less sparkling than prosecco.

Where: One Hamilton Place, Park Lane, W1J 7QY

Final Word: Coming in at £45 for three courses and unlimited margaritas or sparkling wine, Ella Canta may be in a five-star hotel but as far as bottomless brunches go or indeed three courses in a restaurant, it’s really rather reasonable and not full of Eggs Benedict and avocado.

Go With: Take someone who will appreciate the bold, punchy flavours and of course, someone who likes margaritas…

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Interior Image: Kensington Leverne