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Tavern At 15 Review – What We Thought

Located underneath “London Capital Club”, Tavern at 15 offers guests the chance to experience life as a member of a private club without having to make the financial commitment.

Unfortunately, presumably due to lack of public awareness, Tavern at 15 didn’t offer much in the way of atmosphere. The near-empty dining area was far from representative of the number of people out and about in the London Bridge area, and was a stark contrast from the over-flowing bars just 2 doors away. Lack of promotion certainly seems to be hindering the progress of a restaurant with great potential as both a London Bridge drinking and dining spot.  Adding to the atmospheric issues was the bright lighting as did highlight the fact that we were the only people in the restaurant.

Despite this, the space was well used. Large dining tables were located towards the back of the room while smaller bar tables were also available around the bar area, perfect for drinking with a group after work or a wine tasting with a date.

Tavern Burger

Upon arrival we ordered a cocktail. While not extensive, the cocktail list provided a perfect combination of well-known favourites and lesser-known but equally as impressive drinks. We were even able to order off-menu thanks to a knowledgeable and helpful mixologist – we went for a Negroni-made-strong… and boy did it live up to that name. Upon initially being told the drink contained 6 shots out eyes watered, but the taste was well balanced by other flavours and the result was a more-than-drinkable cocktail.

Tavern Bar

For starters was smoked salmon salad with a honey mustard dressing. While it’s hard to get a salad wrong, this one was most certainly done right. The dressing added flavour without overpower in the salmon. For my main course I ordered a lamb burger. The meat was perfectly cooked and the bun was soft and light with just enough salad to add texture without taking over from the patty. For my personal taste I would say the dish was slightly under-seasoned, and the mint element went totally unnoticed, however this didn’t too greatly detract for the enjoyment. It does mean, however, that I feel the £20.85 price tag is somewhat steep, especially given that the portion of chip, although crispy and well-spiced, was very small.

 Almost all of the small issues could be fixed by an increase in publicity and more people stopping by to enjoy what the venue has to offer, namely its central location and impressive wine and cocktail menus.