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London’s food scene is an ever-changing metropolis of hummus smoothies, ice cream with KFC-style chicken plunged in it and jackfruit everything. It therefore comes as little surprise to us that there’s a new pizza parlour on the block, bolstering their new interpretations of pizza classics into our food vocabularies.

Crazy Pizza does just what it says on the tin. Chefs swarm the diners sporadically to the sound of sensationally upbeat Italian tunes reminiscent of a moped advert, throwing dough around their heads and grinning. The Big Mamma-esque theatrics keep you on your toes whilst dining, in a space that is very much symbolic of a traditional Italian eatery. I’m told their famed tiramisu is created table side too, a show I didn’t quite get the chance to see due to being stuffed. A reason to return though!

The restaurant is the brainchild of former Formula One boss, Flavio Briatore, and boasts outposts across the globe. Recently, the restaurant played host to Cash & Rocket, with celebrities and influencers alike, Paris Hilton included, taking bites out of the pizza bases that make up Crazy Pizza, just one of the haunts for the well-heeled that Flavio owns. Others include Sumosan Twiga and C London to Cipriani Monte Carlo.

The walls are littered with black and white prints of superstars getting their pizza fix, from Beyonce and Brad Pitt to Donald Trump and Julia Roberts. At first, in my naivety, I thought they’d all eaten at Crazy Pizza – you know like when restaurants have signed paraphernalia on the walls after a celeb has popped in for a coffee? Alas, they hadn’t. But as far as restaurant interiors go, this was, by far, one of the most absorbing displays. Plus, there’s still chance for all the celebs and come for some Crazy Pizza, as the resto has only been open since May!

To the menu. A smorgasbord of pizza-style comfort food separated by the labels of ‘crazy’ or ‘classic’. To cull my appetite, I devoured a mozzarella starter. This, I highly recommend. Crazy Pizza waft their Italian food prowess in your face with an epic mozzarella selection, handmade at the restaurant, ranging from Nodino mozzarella, to Treccia and Tonda. The difference? Their weighting. We tucked into a 150g globular sensation that oozed creaminess and partnered tremendously with the accompanying cherry tomatoes.

Choosing a pizza was a task in itself. My advice? Stray away from the classics – you can have one of those at your next Netflix and chill night. Get a crazy pizza… when in Rome and all that jazz. I’d done that typical technology-aided thing of firing up the menu on my phone before I arrived at the restaurant, and I’d eyed up the truffle pizza post-munch like shopaholics eye up shoes before a sample sale.

The £45 tartufo comes with homemade mozzarella, fresh black truffle and white truffle, and extra virgin olive oil and my goodness, it was the best pizza I’ve ever had. Seriously. There’ve been times when I thought my spicy chicken and jalapeño cheese crust pizza from my local was a winner, but when you eat pizza properly, the Italian way, things change.

Truffle can be a very overpowering taste, and the palette can be quick to tire from it as a result. However, this pizza was peppered with just the right amount of black truffle, which was shaved effortlessly on top of the mozzarella-based beauty. Thin shavings made for extra room in the belly, giving me energy to proclaim the “OMG’s” and “wows” that came from eating this must-try, presented on a bed of creamy buffalo mozzarella! The pizzas are, we’re told, made using a secret recipe in a wood burning oven. I’m happy to accept the fact that they insert them with fairy dust and move on because boy, did that pizza taste good.

Crazy Pizza is a high-end pizzeria with an Italian clientele that speaks for the quality and tradition of the establishment. Dough’nt miss this one off your  restaurant bucket list…

Crazy Pizza can be found at 7 Paddington Street, Marylebone, W1U 5QH,