The Boundary review – what we thought

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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 17th September 2015
The Boundary review – what we thought

When you think of Shoreditch you might think urban chic and hipster hangouts. The idea of a high end French restaurant probably won’t spring to mind, but that’s exactly the charm of The Boundary. Hidden away in the basement, leaving behind the edgy cool and graffiti streets of Shoreditch, you are suddenly transported to a venue that wouldn’t look out of place in Mayfair.

The open plan kitchen allows for snooping as the chefs work their magic with Head Chef Frederick Forster leading the team. The Boundary is one of those restaurants where you feel safe ordering any dish in the knowledge it will have been carefully created with great flavours. The Crabe, Caviar et Blinis is for seafood fans who are looking for options as you get a mix of caviar, white and brown crab meat, smoked salmon, pickled cucumber and blinis. The seafood dishes are all presented on mother of pearl shells and I personally enjoy the activity of assembling my food onto the blinis.
Boundary Restaurant 1Following the seafood theme the Poached Turbot was another solid choice for a main course served with squid and vegetables in a creamy, tomato seafood sauce. Other mains include dishes like lobster, sea bass, lamb cutlets with an aubergine and goat’s cheese tortellini for the vegetarians which was flavoursome and worth a recommendation especially as vegetarians don’t normally fare well in French restaurants.

If there is something the French do well its desserts and The Boundary is no different, I struggled to narrow my choice down but luckily settled on the Raspberry Soufflé with peach sorbet. I absolutely adored this dish, which upon arrival had an X scored in it and the sorbet somewhat erotically placed inside, the purpose of this wasn’t abundantly clear until I had tucked in. The top of the soufflé had a gentle sugary crust which gave it a wonderful slightly chewy edge whilst underneath it had a fantastic fluffy texture. The heat from the soufflé was instantly cooled by the sorbet and the two fruit flavours complimented each other well.
boundary - bar - paul raeside - 4247After the meal you can head up the rooftop bar which offers lovely views of the city and is ideal to chill out with a cold drink. Overall, The Boundary is a great place to escape the normal edgy Shoreditch vibes and enjoy some fantastic food. While we dined, we watched the venue fill with dates and families alike, so it really does seems like there are no boundaries (waheyy) to the purposes of this great French restaurant!

Photography by Paul Raeside 


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