On Wednesday The Handbook headed down to the launch of new Marylebone venue, Carousel, and Art of Dining’s latest pop-up experience The Colour Palate. The idea behind it is theming your food with colour, each course corresponds with a colour and relevant music, think mellow yellow for the yellow course.

The downstairs room of Carousel has an industrial feel with white walls and stone floors which worked well as a blank canvas for the colour changes. The evening begins with a green theme; coloured lights flood the room and the first course, quail wrapped in a vine leaf served with spinach, is served on a green plate. The exciting part happens when the next course changes and the new light submerges diners while the green plants are removed from the banquet style tables in lieu of a white candelabra. We are then invited to rip off the green paper tablecloth to reveal a white one underneath, this theme continues after each course revealing different coloured tablecloths. The most immersive of the colours had to be the black where the lights go out and the waitresses bring your food to you on black plates with headlamps on to guide them.

The food throughout the night was to a high standard and ended on a high note with a delicious orange polenta cake served with apricot. The only let down would be the music provided by Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney which had clichés songs that you might imagine, Back to Black for…you guessed it, the black course. It would have served well to have songs that evoked an emotional response to each course, a gothic opera for the black course or an uplifting melody for yellow would have really set the scene. The chatter of people enjoying themselves was so loud that the lyrics of the music were basically lost anyway.

Tickets are available on the website at £50 per person. Runs Wednesday 20th – Saturday 23rd, Wednesday 27th – Saturday 30th August & Wednesday 2nd – 6th September.


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