The Handbook
The Handbook

It was a Sunday afternoon and we were in need of being taken care of and a little indulgence, so we promptly took ourselves off to The Georgian restaurant at Harrods who have recently launched a new lunch menu.

Set on the 4th floor, The Georgian, (which has recently been refurbished by Christopher Guy Harrison) is spacious, opulent and sumptuous; chandeliers and regal looking velvet wing back chairs without being overwhelming or stuffy. Charming waiters tended to the guests whilst the pianist soothed everyone’s back to school Sunday afternoon feelings with live music (and 6 renditions of Happy Birthday).

The menu centres around British dishes and to start I ordered the pork hock terrine. It was delicious, served  with a mild mustard and apple sauce, simple yet perfect;  it was sprinkled with what seemed to be bits of puffed rice (like a rice cake) which was a little unusual and didn’t bring too much to the dish, but hey ho. My friend ordered the smoked salmon, the slices were thick and was kept simple served with the traditional garnish.

To follow I ordered the lobster which said that it came with just mustard and parsley sauce whilst my friend ordered the steak and lobster, being a Sunday afternoon we wanted to get in on the beef dripping fries action  so we duly ordered a portion to share, as lobster and chips can’t be beaten. The lobster was wonderful, creamy, rich and oh so decadent, it really was very good. The sauce was great too especially when we dipped our chips in it.

Little things were missed though, my friend wasn’t given a steak knife and the waiter failed to mention that both our dishes already came with chips, so rather than wanting to share 1 portion we ended up with 3.  We also ordered buttered spinach and mushrooms which were disappointing, limp and watery and not particularly inviting. Our waiter also suggested we went for the cheaper Champagne, which struck me as odd given that you’d think they’d want to sell their best, perhaps it’s because we looked younger? Who knows.

Moving on to puddings, the classic treacle tart was given a twist with a lemon curd kick and raspberry topping, which was spot on. They had also changed the bread and butter pudding  but this was a little less successful, cold, with no custard and with a rather eggy taste it was served with an apricot puree, it wasn’t the sort of nostalgic warming pudding I had been hoping for, but they do say to never assume.

Where The Georgian restaurant excels is it’s décor and the lobster really was delicious, it just needs  to pay a little more attention to the small details, but if their biggest worry is watery spinach or forgetting steak knives then they don’t have far to go.

For those who can’t make it for lunch then alongside the refurbishment they have also reshaped their Champagne Afternoon Tea. Pastries, cakes and scones served with jam and lemon curd are served along with a glass of Harrods Rosé Champagne.