The Italian Job Review – What We Thought

By Rory Hinton |
15th March 2016

Outside of the hustle and bustle of central London, in the quiet suburb of Chiswick, lives The Italian Job. A small, quaint and quiet Italian restaurant and bar offering burgers, a range of small, sharing-style plates and wine; the true Italian way.

Upon walking in the first thing I noticed was the decoration. Very minimalist and rustic; with bare brick walls, wood panelling floors and mosaic tiles on the bar, you certainly feel as though you could have walked in off the backstreets of Italy.
Due to its small size, however, tables are grouped rather close together giving the restaurant an unfortunately cramped feel, and in order to get to our table we had to weave around several other tables, squeezing our way between small gaps and pardoning ourselves from other diners.

The Italian Job 2

Once in our seat we ordered a bottle of wine and began to browse the menu. This didn’t take long as if you’re hoping to eat a full meal at The Italian Job your options are somewhat limited. A list of 4 simple burgers makes selection rather easy, and even easier for vegetarians as no meat-free burger option exists.

The benefit of a small menu, however, means that the chefs are well practiced in preparing the dishes, and the burgers were very well cooked – medium-rare and moist with just the right amount of seasoning and garnish.
I feel that the choice to serve a round burger in a rectangular ciabatta was an interesting decision, but after a touch of rearranging this issue was resolved.

The Italian Job 3

After our mains our sweet-tooth had to be satisfied by coffee as no desserts were available, however more wine quickly helped us forget our sugar craving.

Aside from the name and the rustic feel I must say my evening meal experience failed to live up to the Italian Job name. Burgers and wine was far from the pasta-and-pizza expectation that comes with dining at an Italian restaurant, and choice was far from being in abundance.

The Italian Job 1

I would suggest The Italian Job as a great place for a drink after work with a few sharing plates of food as opposed to being somewhere one heads for dinner with friends.

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