The May Fair Bar Review: What We Thought

By a woman smiling holding a drink in black and white Emily Gray |
12th October 2015

The May Fair Bar at the May Fair Hotel is the sort of bar that you picture when you’re younger, living in the middle of nowhere and you’re dreaming about going to London. How you’ll be running around London in a perfectly thought out outfit, flitting between black cabs, which of course don’t get stuck in traffic, a coffee permanently in your hand and cocktails every night in some effortlessly cool bar which you’ve visited so often they know you at the door. Well perhaps that was just my 15 year old vision and we all know the reality, shout out to the  220 bus for getting me everywhere. But I digress, The May Fair Bar is a decadent martini bar on Berkeley Street, it’s luxurious and it’s just had a makeover.

The new martini bar joins an open kitchen, two private booth areas, more open seating and floor to ceiling windows so you can look out at Berkeley Street and they can look in on you. It’s all dark colours, lit up blue hues, leather chairs and booths. The music was a little loud, I know that makes me sound old before my time, but sometimes you do want to talk.


The clientele were primarily dressed in black, ladies in sharp heels and men in suits, they were cool, sophisticated and the staff were all elegant in a way that I never achieved working in a pub in the depths of Gloucestershire, funny that.  

From the signature drinks you can’t go wrong with the Pear and Spice – Belvedere vodka, pear, spiced honey syrup, lemon and Moёt & Chandon and the My Sour Lady: Bombay Sapphire Gin, Chambord, Aperol, lemon, egg white and raspberry dust.  Being October or Stoptober we also tried out the non-alcoholic cocktails and fell in love with the Ginger Addiction, ginger, kiwi, apple juice and ginger beer. You could say we were addicted… sorry it had to be said.

They serve food throughout the day starting with likes of George’s Bank pot caught lobster and pesto cream cheese bagel, because sometimes you need that fancy breakfast and sometimes smoked salmon just won’t do. You’ll also find the likes of warm brioche cinnamon French toast with salted caramel sauce, which sounds like a duvet day in a mouthful – come at me fancy winter comfort food.


They also have a small plates menu which we devoured, dishes include chicken lollipops with blues cheese, robata grilled honey mustard lamb cutlets with coriander and mint chutney. Chilli is added to most of the dishes and who just happens to have a chilli allergy, yep me, but they were very accommodating.  I’m not sure what they had done to the salmon kushiyaki skewers (which came with a green chilli emulsion) but those little skewers were delicious – we quickly ordered another round. Wagyu beef sliders are always a good shout, especially when you start to get that hunger that only alcohol can induce and these were definitely a good order. We hungrily devoured the crispy calamari and edamame beans which were lightly flavoured with lemon butter. The parmesan crisps that they bring with the drink are devilishly moreish, from what we could tell they were just sheets of melted and cooled parmesan and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that when it tastes this good.

So yes go to The May Fair Bar, it’s got Friday drinks written all over it.  

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