The Meat Co Review

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Charlotte Knight by | Posted on 9th October 2014
The Meat Co Review

As you may have guessed from the name, The Meat Co is a restaurant whose expertise lies in all things carnivore friendly with an impressive menu of steaks, ribs and burgers. Before any vegetarians reading recoil in horror, it’s not all doom and gloom though as the talent in the kitchen have waved their creative magic to all aspects of the menu.

Situated in the popular shopping district by Shepherd’s bush station, the South African restaurant covers two floors and an outside terrace but the best place to dine for ambience is upstairs with the glassed off open plan kitchen.

The waiting staff is excellent and friendly but not over-bearing which can sometimes be the case in their efforts to be attentive. For a starter the Chicken Wings were amazing although a tad on the small side for the ravenous. As promised the Eggplant & Mascarpone Tart is something special for the veggies (and non-veggies) with a buttery short crust pastry base, filled with shredded aubergine and topped with a dollop of heavenly mascarpone cheese.

If you are a steak fan you will be spoilt for choice but the 300g Fillet Steak is the one to go for if you don’t mind spending a little extra. The large chips are fresh and crispy, and the onion rings are shredded rather than typical ‘O’ shapes but fantastic none the less. There are typical vegetarian mains like gnocchi and risotto as well as a special of the day which in this case was penne pasta with green vegetable in a creamy sauce; a truly indulgent dish which was delicious but ultimately too rich and large a portion to be completed.

For dessert the sharing platter for two seemed the only sensible option to get the maximum pleasure out of the puddings. Featuring all but 3 of the desserts from the main menu, they are served on a large glass dish with artistic sauce decorations. Highlights were the Tiramisu and the “Madiba Charity Malva Pudding” – an apricot flavoured sticky toffee pudding like sponge, which was a favourite of Nelson Mandela and £1 from every serving goes to his charity. Fans of all things sweet should also order the Jungle Bear cocktail which was delightfully fruity with a lightly alcoholic kick.

With a name so proudly portraying their favouritism for meat, no irony is lost in the fact the vegetarian options here are excellently well-executed, so roll up one and all because good cooking goes beyond personal taste and transcends across all channels.

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