When you get to spend one of the summer’s warmest Sunday afternoons (this year!) sipping on unlimited Bellini’s, you know you’re in for a good’un. Which is exactly how I spent last Sunday, piling up my plate with over 40 veggie dishes, and briskly knocking back as many Bellini’s as possible without a care in the world… And, oh boy, was it a treat! Thanks to tibits’ new bottomless brunch marking itself a permanent fixture on the weekend menu, Londoner’s too can dive head first into the Bellini’s and Prosecco, yippee!

Arriving a little late for our table after soaking up the sun for a little too long – after all, who knows how long this weather’s going to last? – we were speedily taken over to our table, tucked away towards the back of the restaurant, in the greenhouse-esue room.

With blue velvet armchairs directly below the glass roof, the 25 degree heat was a little intense, but nothing that an ice-cold drink couldn’t conquer. My partner opted for the vegan Freedom Brewery beer, whilst I opted for the Bellini yearning for a fruity kick. Which it certainly delivered may I add! But for those looking for traditional bubbles, don’t fear – of course, there’s Prosecco on offer too! When you choose to go all in for the bottomless brunch, you’ll be given a card with the drink of your choice marked. So when you’re eager for a refill, all you have to do is pop over to the bar with your personalised card and one of the bartenders will fix one up for you no problem, happy days!

If you haven’t heard of tibits before, where have you been hiding?

Founded almost 20 years-ago by three veggie brothers, Christian, Daniel and Reto Frei, whose inspiration stemmed from the lack of vegetarian in their native Switzerland. Coined together with Rolf and Marielle Hilti, owners of Zurich’s oldest veggie restaurant, Haus Hilti, they opened up the first tibits. Fast forward to 2019, and tibits has since become one of Europe’s most well known vegetarian and vegan restaurant brands with locations in Switzerland, UK and Germany.

The concept is simple, pile up your plate with as much veggie goodness as you desire and get ready to revel in the array of flavours. The food is all charged by weight so once you’ve done balancing your plate with a pyramid of food, take it over to the counter to pay and bon appétit!

When you’ve grown up with the limited (if any) veggie options on the menu, tibits definitely made us feel like a little kid in a sweetshop! Options. Oh so many options! Whether you’re after a veggie fry-up, a continental feast, a salad-y feel lunch or, well, a combination of it all, you’re in luck. tibits new menu resembles summer all in one place. And, oh my, did we pile up our plates!

Let’s start with the brekkie specials. As it’s one plate per person, we tried not to go too bonkers on the brekkie selection so we had enough room for their lunch treats, but we clearly couldn’t help outselves… We tossed a couple of the American-style vegan pancakes slathering them with maple syrup and fresh fruit, along with one of their famous tibits veggie sausage and vegan-style scrambled eggs. Their homemade Boston style beans were super rich and smokey, just how they should be, with lashings of sauce just waiting to be mopped up with a crusty roll (which are complimentary may we add! So make sure you don’t add one onto your plate before weighing!). My partner also chucked on a couple of slices of the creamy cheeses on offer in the brekkie section too. 

In true buffet style, we moved on over to the rest of the offerings, piling on the pounds of food to our already half-filled plate. Pasta salads, noodle specials, beans, curries galore. The list went on and on and on (you get the point). A few favourites among us were the cornbread style pizza slathered with a rich herby tomato sauce and topped with copious amounts of cheese, as well as seitan with a creamy sauce bursting with flavour.

And although we were too full to dive into the dessert options – I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t leave enough room for their vegan sticky toffee pud! – it would be rude not to talk about the sweets. Both their brownie bites and sticky toffee pud were clearly the crowd faves as both times I went past people were literally scraping at sides to get the last few crumbs of the bakes. Who can blame them, I mean, look at it!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my bottomless brunch experience at tibits. There really is a dish or two for everyone to devour no matter how picky your pal might be, and I can’t wait to go back again to dive into more of their goodies. Especially that toffee pud!

Both tibits Bankside and tibits Heddon Street are offering the delicious bottomless brunch deal, www.tibits.co.uk

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