The NYC Inspired Boozy Brunch That’s Just Landed in Soho

By Emily Gray | 25th September 2018

What: There’s something rather disappointing about going back to your usual night out haunt during the day, the appeal is lost, the floors are normally sticky with last night’s drinks and the atmosphere is understandably dead. Not at Spuntino though, the Soho restaurant known for their raucous nights are giving us a reason to return the next day, they’re throwing their cards on the table with the launch of a bottomless brunch and take it from us, it’s a good one.

New? Relatively, the brunch launched back in August, Spuntino itself though has been around since 2011, which for a London restaurant these days is a pretty long time.

The Look: Spuntino looks exactly as if a Brooklyn restaurant had grown a pair of wings and flown over the Atlantic and pitched up in London. Exposed brick walls and low hanging lights give it an industrial edge, whilst high stools and counter dining give it a dive bar/ diner feel. It’s scruffy but it’s got character and plenty of charm.

On the Menu: The menu is designed to share so you can order a few dishes to try out. The menu includes the likes of eggs and soldiers, eggplant and tomato ragu with feta on toast and for pudding, bourbon and vanilla French toast with compote and ice cream.

What We Ate: Make sure you order the fragrant mint and zucchini fritters with plenty of ricotta, the truffled egg toast is also a must have. One of their most popular dishes, it’s a hefty slab of bread with an egg yolk in the centre and topped with truffle and melted cheese. You can see why it’s so popular, it’s utter decadence with probably enough calories to see you through to the next day. There’s an aubergine ragu with a rich tomato sauce which is cut through with salty, sharp feta and wedges of toast to scoop it up with. If you’re looking for something more substantial then go for the steak and eggs, especially when paired with the ragu. We rounded off with the sweet, sugary bourbon and vanilla French toast which was topped with a tart berry compote and ice cream.

What We Drank: Forgoing the bottomless angle of the bottomless brunch, I stuck with just one Bloody Mary and if I’m just going to have one then I want to make sure it’s top notch. So, I didn’t just stick with the usual Bloody Mary, I ensured it had a proper, punchy kick…I said yes to the horseradish vodka. If you want your hangover, cold, cobwebs and pretty much anything else blown anyway, I highly recommend it.

Go With: Due to the size of Spuntino I wouldn’t recommend taking a big group, much better you head there with a couple of friends or a brunch date.

Where: 61 Rupert Street, Soho, W1D 7PW

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