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The Handbook

Along with Halloween and the start of the miserable weather, October is all about raising awareness and detoxing, so along with Stoptober (quitting smoking) and Sober for October (raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support) October is all about getting people to think and recognise the signs of breast cancer.

Which is why The Playboy Club has transformed their iconic afternoon tea served in the Salvatore Bar to The Pink Afternoon Tea, with £1 from every tea being donated to Against Breast Cancer and as 'On Wednesdays, we wear  pink', or in this case eat, we headed over to check it out.

Whilst the name Playboy might bring flashbacks of those fluffy pencil cases and garish bright bags we had at school (too cool) the club is anything but tacky. It’s opulent, suave, sophisticated; primarily black it’s polished to perfection with splashes or burnt orange and a bar to rival all other – a lit-up mesh of hexagons on the wall holds bottles of fantastically expensive spirits, well they do serve a cocktail for £5,500. 

The tea comes with a cocktail teapot, you can choose from traditional (which blends tea with cognac and rum), fruity, floral, and spicy which is served in heavy stone teapots and the sweetest little black earthenware cups.

They’ve managed to get a drop of pink into every little morsel so you’ll start with prawn sandwiches, beetroot bruschetta, salmon bellinis (our favourite) and beef and horseradish rolls (beware, the horseradish is pretty strong!).

Where they really go for it though is the cakes, with dusky pinks and deep raspberries. A pink sponge topped with cheesecake cream and chocolate bunny ears stole the show for the prettiest cake, but it was the carrot cake piled high with a dark pink icing and little iced sugar carrots that was the real winner. The icing was wonderfully rich and the cake was delicious. The raspberry and chocolate macaroons had a great flavour but the texture was a little runny and they collapsed when we bit into them.

If you’re after tea with a little bit of a difference, in a place that you might not expect to do tea, then The Playboy Club is the place to go and you’ll be raising money for charity, so really it would be wrong not to. 

The Pink afternoon tea with a twist runs until the end of October