What: Instagram is littered with glamorous guys ‘n gals posing outside of St Pauls Cathedral. Often, they’re poised in front of the landmark, hair sweeping into the wind as they candidly look across London. However, despite St Pauls being a location of popularity, often the ever so glam restaurant that sits just behind it is overlooked. Part of the D&D group, Madison restaurant is a true Manhattan style venue, booming as soon as you step out of the glass lift, right to the end of the eve cocktails. Playing host to many a famous fame and many a Made in Chelsea scene, it’s quite the place to be seen.

New? No, Madison is actually a bit of local on the restaurant scene, having opened in 2014. However, older is often wiser, which Madison’s sophistication proves!
The Look: Who doesn’t love a penthouse? Especially when it’s got skyline views of London and more atmosphere than Mardi Gras. When I say atmosphere however, I talk about the cool kind – the sea of suits cheers-ing to a hard day’s work and shimmering one-wear dresses sashaying their way to the next vodka martini. It’s very chic, with the sparkle of the city helping light the sexy, darkly-lit room. Outside boasts a wide terrace giving you summer blues but also giving you DJ beats and a great aperitif-enviro.
On the Menu: The menu features something for all, ranging from stone bass fillets to risotto Bianco with rainbow chard and shaved black truffle.

What We Ate: The menu is slick, like the interior. If personified it’d be someone punctual who knows what they want. I’d highly recommend the 200gr pork ribeye steak with shaved apple, fennel and mustard seeds, chorizo potatoes and apple sauce. It wasn’t far removed from a posh Sunday roast but the evening dinner version. Unquestionably delicious the sweet apple flavours played on the more savoury tones well, and the steak was tender to the touch. For dessert opt for the passionfruit cheesecake with raspberries and almond biscuit. One, because it’s tasty. Two, because it goes sublimely with your post-dinner coffee (Irish, or otherwise).

What We Drank: We chin-chinned to the view with a glass of champers each and then enjoyed a bottle of red. It’s a bottle of red kinda place; sometimes the ambience of a place reflects what you’re going to drink there. That’s my view anyhow.

Go With: Someone who’s equally as happy to snap pictures of you posing in front of St Paul’s, as you are them!

Where: Rooftop Terrace One, New Change, EC4M 9AF, www.madisonlondon.net

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