The Rum Kitchen review

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Alex Kerr by | Posted on 24th April 2015
The Rum Kitchen review

The Rum Kitchen is a Caribbean inspired beach shack restaurant and cocktail bar with two sites in Soho and Notting Hill. We found ourselves heading to the Notting Hill venue, rather fittingly the morning after a night out in the area. Hungry and looking for a hangover cure we were excited to be trying an alternative to the usual greasy spoon.

Slightly jaded and walking from Ladbroke Grove station feeling shaky and in need of a cure to the horrendous self-induced hangover, the offer of brunch at Rum Kitchen was a welcome one. We knew that what we really needed was a serious Bloody Mary…we were not disappointed!

Sitting down in a surprisingly empty restaurant has always made me feel rather self-concious, especially when you are wearing sunglasses to try and hide the state you are in. With a very relaxed atmosphere from the staff, the general vibe from the decor and the music I was soon at ease, the sunglasses were removed and the Bloody Marys were ordered.

When deciding what I wanted I made a rather foolish/safe choice of a Caribbean inspired chicken and rice, in my mind I was thinking that playing it safe would make me feel better, it did exactly what I expected, however when looking across the table at what my brave house mate had ordered I was filled with immense jealousy and regret. He had gone for the Jamaican Breakfast which was made up from Pulled Pork, Spicy Sausage, Eggs, Tomato, Beans, Mushrooms & Toast this was clearly the right choice. I have promised myself to head back so I can get this next time.

Have the team at Rum Kitchen finally found a cure for the dreaded hangover! It worked for us so it should work for you, go and try it and if you do, don’t miss out the Bloody Mary.


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