The Saville Row Resto That Suits Us

What: Savile Row is such a contemporary London staple that the mention of it rings with richness, enticing images of after work suit wearers sipping on red wine, propped against an up-market pub deluxe. Yes, Savile Row is the Mayfair street known for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men and on it lies Sartoria, which translates to tailor in Italian, a very suit-able restaurant discovery. Of course, Sartoria and its Italian cuisine was far from just being suitable, instead we were charmed if not bewitched by its sultry glamour. Going along on a Wednesday evening after a day in the office, my friend and I slotted into the after-work drink culture for a quick aperitif before journeying on to Sartoria.

New? Far from it. The restaurant has been part of the D&D London group since 2006. The Libare bar menu however is novel; an all-day feaster headed up by Sartoria’s Head Chef Francesco Mazzei.

The Look: Sartoria epitomises sauve, if James Bond’s charm could personify a restaurants’ interior then this is how I’d describe what is to be found inside. Undoubtedly luxurious, the lights are dimly lit, illuminating the bold shades of the tangerine chairs, which make a nice juxtaposition to the floral seating areas. We were seated in the Libare bar; a small space adjoining the main restaurant, featuring a long bar ideal for a tipple before the main event.

On the Menu: When you’re being cooked for by one of London’s best chefs, expectations are relatively high. The flamboyant bar menu ricochets between lighter options of Cicchetti and antipasti, to primi and secondi dishes of grilled fish and roast chicken. The bar menu defies the tradition of smaller menu’s often found in slightly higher-brow restaurants; a bit of a rebellious menu offering with an assortment of Italian dishes.

What We Ate: A noticeable aspect at Sartoria is the artistic food presentation, with plates being put down on tables oozing exhibition vibes. I had the quinoa and roasted vegetables from the chichetti to begin with. Delicious, the ratio of roasted vegetables was slightly overwhelmed by the quinoa. If like me this makes the dish sound even better then I’d highly recommend. It’s light so builds an airway for the second dish. Then it was onto the roast chicken breast, a highly succulent dish equipped with rich flavour that leaves little room for dessert. I’d recommend the aubergine parmigiana; plentiful in size and presented like a jelly from a childhood party.

What We Drank: We stuck to cocktails what with Libare bar being renowned for them. The drinks list is bountiful in Italian classics with, of course, a twist by some highly professional mixologists. We stuck to Negroni’s, avoiding the faff of some of the more exquisite offerings, and they tasted just like they should, and that’s always a plus. The bar also features liqueurs created by Francesco himself.

Go With: Someone equally as fond of people watching as you are. Elegance is in abundance at this restaurant.

Where: 20 Savile Row, Mayfair, W1S 3PR,

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