The Handbook
The Handbook

Remember us telling you about World’s End Market? You know the tavern that has been there for so long that it has given its name to the surrounding area? Good, well we went down to check it out its latest transformation.

Situated at 459 Kings Road the outside has been returned to its former glory, with an ornate black and gold exterior. You enter through a heavy dark curtain guarded by a doorman; it all feels rather secretive for a restaurant. Inside they’ve gone for a 1930’s canteen feel, with a chequered black and white tiled floor, tiled walls and leather banquette. At one end is the open kitchen with an impressive fresh fish display and meat counter where you can select cuts, whilst at the other end stands the horseshoe shaped bar.

The menu although extensive with lots of choices in fish and meat is kept simple with everything being served with chips and salads and also a separate burger menu. The starters are predominantly raw fish with lots of tartars and ceviche and a couple of cheese based vegetarian dishes. Things did take rather a slow start, first with us being served flat English sparkling wine and secondly us ordering our starters and then waiting and waiting. Main courses at other tables that were ordered after us were served before our starters – which being raw didn’t even require cooking. That said the next courses were sent out much more quickly.

Salmon tartar was served with green olives and pine nuts it was salty, creamy and perfectly balanced. Ceviche scallops were delicately flavoured with lemon. For the main course we took their recommendations and went for the Truffle Burger with truffle oil and caramelised red onions and boy was it good, served with a giant handful of crispy, fluffy French fries.  

For pudding we had been told to try the cheesecake, there’s a choice of two: mixed berry or hazelnut and caramel cheesecake, of course we went for the hazelnut and caramel. Served in a Kilner jar, which by the way is the perfect size, it was one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had.

Apart from the initial slow start and the quite terrible music (imagine 90s Euro) The World’s End Market is back, a stalwart of society.