Tom’s Kitchen Mac & Cheese Review – What We Thought

By Charlotte Knight |
10th March 2016

Before winter has bid its farewell for another year, we need to take the opportunity to take advantage of the wintry benefits such as snuggling up with blankets, cosy nights in and, most importantly, comfort food. Tom’s Kitchen is on to a winner with the launch of their special menu devoted entirely to mac and cheese.

The menu ranges from the classic to truffle to Euro Mac, with chorizo and chilli, to Piggy Mac, with sticky pork and smoky barbeque sauce. My favourite was the vegetarian option, Stella Mac with squash, ricotta and sage which comes topped with caramelised sunflower seeds, giving an extra chewy texture which I adored. The sage leaves on top have been crystalised so they dissolve on the tongue adding to the flavour – from beginning to end the dish is a pure delight. The most expensive item on the menu is the Fleetwood Mac with crab, lobster and dill which has an overall taste of seafood, and although hard to distinguish between specific ingredients, does not affect the overall enjoyment of eating it.
tom-aikens-CW_davd-griffen-photography-199Kids aren’t left out as Tom’s Kitchen offers the ironically named Monster Mac with sausage and tomato sauce – fret not as it is perfectly sized for little ones.

Available for lunch and dinner every Friday at the Canary Wharf and St Katharine’s Dock Tom’s Kitchen venues, the new menu will feature five gourmet versions of mac and cheese, with one option also available from the deli next door. The portions are ideally sized to leave you feeling full and an extra side of greens makes everything a touch healthier and guilt free – a definite must have.

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