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Valentina Fine Foods Review

Valentina Fine Foods is a series of Italian restaurants and delis that has recently launched a new branch in Chiswick, we headed down to check it out.

From the street Valentina Fine Foods looks like a café and deli with all kinds of authentic produce lining the walls, it’s only after walking in that you realise a smart restaurant sits at the back. Even further back is the open plan kitchen which serves classic Italian dishes, check your table for the list of changing specials which aren’t on the menu.

The specials when we went were Mussels to start, served in a delicious tomato sauce so good it was mopped up with a piece of bread so as not to waste any, and perfectly seared Pan Fried Lamb served with lentils that were cooked to perfection. Sticking to the main menu I opted for the Fonduta di Fontina which is melted Fontina cheese with asparagus and black truffle on toasted ciabatta bread. It was a nice enough dish but as the cheese cooled quickly I ended up just eating congealed cheese; the dish could have been improved if it had been a fondue where the extremely crispy bread could have been dipped into. The Ravioli main was filled with a creamy roasted butternut squash filling and served in a light but still creamy sauce – heaven.

We had ordered sides but they appeared only after we had finished our main which was annoying but credit where credit is due, the roast potatoes with rosemary seasoning were delicious.

As a typical Italian restaurant they had an impressive wine menu with staff more than happy to advise which ones compliment your food. We were spoilt for choice on the desserts with a Chocolate Fondant whose middle melted flawlessly across the plate, and a bread and butter pudding made from Panettone with an orange marmalade glaze was stunning.

Valentina Fine Foods is a little gem serving deceivingly good food and clearly we weren’t the only ones that thought so as by the time we left the place was packed, clearly the Chiswick locals have quickly caught onto this family run, hidden treasure.