Voga at Coq d’Argent Review – What We Thought

By Emily Gray | 5th August 2015

It was chucking it down with rain, it felt like the midst of winter and yet still about 20 girls made it to Coq d’Argent for their monthly Voga sessions and I was one of them. Yes I had hauled myself out of bed on a Sunday morning, battled the elements and the Sunday district line to reach the city in time for our morning exercise class.

Everyone was surprisingly chipper, we were in various degrees of lycra, looking like a Sweaty Betty shop had arrived, ready to pose, dance and strike our way to fitness. I thought I looked alright in my lycra that was until Juliet Murrell stepped in. The former set designer who now leads House of Voga, looked effortless in her 80s inspired backless all in one, she was all limbs and cascading blonde hair. If Voga had given her, her toned lean figure then sign me right up. She looked like the sort of person who spent her time at yoga retreats and drank coconut water, the sort of person I would like to be.


We then spent the next hour striking poses that Madonna would have been proud of, attempting variations of side planks and generally being sassy, swinging hair and shaking our hips. How affective a cardio workout it is, I’m not sure – but did I feel great after yes I did. Did I feel stretched and toned. Yes.

So what did we do? We undid all our good work with lunch in Coq d’Argent, well it was raining and it was a Sunday so comfort food was in need and we found exactly what we needed in the lamb shank. A beautiful tender, hunk of meat, which slid right off the bone into the spring onion and potato mash – forget summer this had me craving for autumn.

Snails served in garlic were delicious if a little on the small side, I know you’re not going to get much from a snail but these were really quite small.  Crispy pastry cracked to give way to a centre of the creamiest goat’s cheese offset by tangy pepper.

Coq d'Argent garden

To finish we went with poached vanilla pineapple and a light coconut sorbet, a single slice of pineapple might be a little on the expensive side but the flavours were a taste of summer even if the weather was not joining in.  

The next voga session is the last Sunday of this month, so get booking now.  We say go for lunch after, you might not get the same affects from the workout but it’ll definitely taste better.

Image; Katrina O’Duffy


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