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The Handbook

Wahaca and Thomisna Miers has brought Mexican food to London in a way that no other restaurant has and throughout 2015 they are inviting the crème de la crème of the Mexican cooking scene to the original Covent Garden for a series of supper clubs to showcase the huge diversity of flavours in Mexico – it’s not all tacos and burritos.

Currently they are hosting an exclusive Oaxacan regional menu created by Alejandro Ruiz, the owner and head chef of the beautiful Casa Oaxaca restaurant in his home region, and here is a fact for you Wahaca is the phonetic spelling of Oaxaca – or maybe it is just me who didn’t know that.

Running for eight weeks the menu consists of four main dishes and one (epic) pudding. Staying with current food trend of insects they offer a chorizo and chapulines memela, chapulines being crushed grasshoppers, on a base of blue corn and topped with crumbled fresh cheese and was delicious, had the grasshoppers not been crushed I might have been more dubious but being crushed we happily ate them.

Seared venison was served with blackened cauliflower, tostadas and a sweet fruity sauce from the Isthmus region of Oaxaca and roast squash came with a white sesame Oaxacan emulsion with crisp corn and amaranth.

The menu features short ribs with dark mole oaxaqueños and pickled cucumber, however it appears as if this was the most popular dish as we had to have a variation of it whilst they cooked so more up so we had pulled beef, it was beautifully tender, with a real kick to it, make sure you order it.

The highlight however had to be the chocolate brownie with mezcal caramel, it was rich, dense and the burnt salted caramel worked perfectly with the clotted cream – leave space for it as you’ll regret not ordering it. That’s not a suggestion, you really must.

If you’re really hungry then you can order extra dishes from the usual menu alongside but actually between two then the four Oaxacan dishes it’s certainly enough, especially if you start with some guacamole – how else is there to really start anyway?  

The Oaxacan menu runs for 8 weeks at Wahaca Covent Garden only.