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The Handbook

What: City life is busy, busy, busy; people are always in a rush with deadlines to meet and social lives to try and keep fulfilled – so it’s no wonder that the wellness movement is on the rise, with Londoners desperate to maintain a sense of harmony. There’s nothing like a touch of luxury to help one feel relaxed so St. James’s Hotel and Club has created a Happiness in the City package which includes an overnight stay in a Deluxe Room, the wellness breakfast for two people and a 90-minute Connock body treatment from Perfect 10 Black Label for one person.

New? The package launched 18th July (until the end of the year) and includes a collaboration with The School of Life so guests will receive an in-room selection of products to enhance happiness and relationships, as well class discounts.
First Impression: The service at St. James’s Hotel and Club is impeccable, I always love hotels that have doormen too as it reminds me of old-school London luxury. My room although fairly small (filled with a massive bed that I could roll over in twice and not be near the edge) felt glamorous and I made sure to make use of the bath.

What We Ate: Executive Head Chef William Drabble of Michelin-Starred restaurant Seven Park Place has created a special vegan breakfast which is included in the package but is also available on the hotel’s main menu. It consists of a delicious egg-less omelette with avocado and tomato, chickpea shakshuka, quinoa chia porridge and a carrot, orange and turmeric immunity-boosting juice.

What We Did: I attended The School of Life’s class on How to Be Confident before beginning my stay at the hotel and I found it quite basic, it begins saying how everyone feels like an idiot and it wasn’t until the third point into the class that I heard something remotely useful. I spoke to a couple of other people during the class about how they were finding it and both came back with underwhelming feedback. The teacher did her best but the PowerPoint presentation which was leading the class felt very A level standard and in a 2 hour class I only took away 2 useful pieces of information, I found it more interesting listening to the other people speak about their experiences than the class itself.
Go With: I experienced this package alone and had a fabulous time ordering room service that arrived on a silver tray (which I ate in my robe) and waking up to a massage. Those not single could bring their partner but the package only includes a massage for one so you might have to toss a coin to avoid arguments.

Where: 7-8 Park Place, St. James’s SW1A 1LS

Final Word: I’m a massive believer in loving yourself and I think it’s so important to make sure that you take time to do things make you happy; the Happiness in the City package is a perfect example of this as I felt so relaxed after a stay in such a lovely hotel, waking up to a massage, enjoying a healthy breakfast and being checked out by delightful staff. I personally didn’t find The School of Life helpful though and wouldn’t recommend attending, even with the 20% discount.

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