Oasis Are Definitely Maybe Back For Special NHS Concert…

29th March 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is having some funny effects. Apparently Prince Harry and Prince William are now talking ‘almost constantly’, despite being pretty much estranged a couple of months ago, meanwhile Tory MPs lined up to be seen clapping the NHS; remarkable about-turns as COVID-19 proves to be the great bring-together-er. But there’s one rifted relationship that only a global pandemic could possibly fix, and that’s Noel and Liam.

Liam Gallagher threw down the gauntlet at the end of last week to his brother, asking Noel to join him in re-forming Oasis to perform a benefit concert dedicated to the NHS. The concert will raise funds for NHS charities and Liam has promised that the gig will happen with or without his brother, raising spirits and money and bringing back a moment of ’90s glamour at a time when things are feeling a little glum.

The Gallaghers have been at each other’s throats, off and on, for the quarter century since they dominated the charts with hits like Wonderwall and, ironically, Don’t Look Back In Anger. But it seems that COVID-19 might be about to do what time, Patsy Kensit or millions of pounds in potential tour sales couldn’t, and finally bring the Gallaghers together.

All eyes are now on Noel, who hasn’t yet responded to Liam’s entreaties, though friend Robbie Williams has taken time out this weekend to label Liam a ‘dickhead’ in an interview with The Sun.

Meanwhile Liam’s been doing his bit for the coronavirus effort by offering helpful advice on hand washing. In a series of Instagram videos, looking a dead-ringer  for the tramp at the end of my street, the Oasis star washed his hands, ditching happy birthday twice for modified Oasis lyrics. It’s unclear how closely the Chief Medical Officer would endorse his methodology, but it’s a step in the right direction. Given his appearance right now, though, perhaps Liam shouldn’t stop at his hands…

We’ll be looking out for more concrete details about the upcoming Oasis NHS concert, and keeping an eye on the potential line-up, and will of course keep you informed. Fingers crossed Noel decides to bury the hatchet. Now can someone get on the phone to Damon Albarn and Alex James and get Blur back together, please?

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