Rose Revamped: The Old-Age Ingredient Makes A Welcome Comeback

By Tamara Corin | 12th April 2022

Never has the power of the flower been so popular. Commonly associated with beauty routines in Ancient Greek and Roman times, rose has had a revival and fast becoming the flower of the modern-day gal, which can be found in everything from skincare and haircare to scents and makeup. 

Rose extract is one of the best anti-inflammatories. It reduces redness, calms the skin, it’s high in Vitamin C so it helps to stimulate collagen and high in Vitamin E so it’s super-moisturising too. In a word, it’s a multi-purpose powerhouse ingredient that you’ll face, body and senses will thank you for, whatever your skin type. 

So, stop and smell the roses, or even better, add them to your beauty routine, here’s 12 of our rose-infused faves…

Aesop Rose Hair & Scalp Moisturising Masque, £25 

Give parched hair a salon-worthy smoothing treatment with this rose mask infused with sweet almond and lavender. This intensive conditioning treatment restores softness and shine while soothing dry and flaky scalps. A great addition to your haircare routine as the weather gets warmer and your hair gets drier from the sun. 

Aromatherapy Associates Rose Shower Oil, £28 

It’s no exaggeration, this oil-to-milk body wash transports you to a the most beautifully scented rose garden while standing in you shower. It’s simultaneously rejuvenating and comforting like therapy for the mind, body, and soul. Plus, it leaves skin super-soft and well-moisturised. We’re obsessed!

Frank Body Rosehip Dry Body Oil, £12.95 

Take the power of the flower out of the shower with this slip-free silky body oil. Delivering a heavy dose of hydration to dry bods while evening out skin tone with its nourishing blend of rosehip oil, coconut, and grapeseed. A great option for keeping skin supple and delicious- smelling pre and post pregnancy. 

August + Piers Darling Candle, £64 

This pared-back yet beautifully elegant candle won’t only look gorge on your mantelpiece or bedside table but envelop the room with a soft, romantic scent with a contemporary twist, that lingers for hours after your blow it out. 

Dr Hauschka Limited Edition Rose Day Cream Light £31

From the moment you apply this, you’ll feel cocooned and comforted. This lightweight moisturiser has a very calming and balancing effect on skin while the scent is both nostalgic and soothing on all the senses. Plus, it has great grip on skin, so you can apply you makeup almost immediately. And we adore this limited edition uber-cool packaging. Grab it before it goes! 

Nuxe Very Rose Lip Balm, £11.50

Consider this a lip treatment that doubles up as a sheeny glossy balm while moisturising, conditioning, and hydrating all-in-one. It’s basically all you need for a gorgeous pout all year-round.

Trilogy Microbiome Complexion Renew Serum, £33.50

Like the microbiome in your gut, the skin’s microbiome plays a hugely important role in your skin’s overall health, look, and feel. This serum acts as a daily dose of probiotic for your skin, delivering nutrition and a more manageable stress-free complexion. A must-buy particularly if you suffer with eczema, rosacea, or acne. You’ll be amazed just how calming this product is. 

Byredo Young Rose, £182 

Offering a twisted take on a classic romantic note, this scent turns everything you know about rose fragrance on its head. Consider this a modern-day, more confident, and bolder smell aptly suitable for strong-blooded women in 2022! Girl power in a bottle!

Inlight Calendula & Damask Rose Soothing Balm, £27 

Great for delicate, red, and sore skin, this balm can be used everywhere. Infused with the Damask Rose which is specifically known for its regenerative and antioxidant properties, this should be in every household’s medicine cabinet. 

Irene Forte Rose Face Oil, £100

Although this is a questionable amount of money to spend on a face oil, it’s definitely worth saving up for (plus its refillable so it will be cheaper second time round!!) From the first pump you are enveloped by an overwhelming smell of roses, (the posh kind rather than the supermarket bunch!) while the oil soaks into skin effortlessly and leaves skin dewy, firm and glowing without looking greasy. It’s no wonder it has a cult following. 

Heritage Store Rosewater and Glycerin Face Mist, £11.49  

Designed to ‘feed skin and energise the soul’, this free-from everything Damask rose spray is as natural as it gets in a bottle. Supermodel Ashley Graham swears her glowing, dewy complexion is thanks to her obsession with this mist. Spritz over face, hair and scalp for a glowing finish or use it as a natural makeup setting spray.

Foreo Bulgarian Rose Sheet Mask, £12.90

Quench your skin’s thirst in seconds with this sheet mask that can be used with or without a Foreo skin device. Infused with rose water to replenish moisture and add a natural glow to skin, while smelling like delicate proud roses in bloom. It’s your SOS for dehydrated and dry skin. Top Tip: Use before a big event to give your skin a quick boost.

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