Reaching out to influencers and celebrities can be daunting at best- where do you start? What’s the best way to approach them? Will they even reply?

We’ve broken down our top tips to get you started on your influencer and celebrity outreach. Read on for our quick steps to help you get the ball rolling!

Check out these key points:

  • Identify influencers or celebrities really early on, you want to find the right influencers/celebrities for your brand.
    Get to know who they are and have a solid proposition ready to go.
  • If you are a small business try going super niche, don’t go after the big names because a) they will get approached very often and b) they won’t necessarily have the same target market as you. Look for micro influencers who have a smaller audience as the audience is more engaged. 
  • Ask for something small to start with , e.g. a retweet, like, mention, and then build up rapport that way.
  • Think outside the box – think of unique angles, and something close to their hearts to connect them.
  • Find celebrities/influencers that best suit what you need; authenticity is key! Here’s a guide showing you how to find the right influencers for your brands
  • Collect their info. We have all of their info on The Handbook; name, contact info, all their social handles and who their audience is to make sure they are relevant, along with our notes section to make sure you don’t reach out twice to the same celebrity.
  • The Handbook Audience Insights gives you a super clear breakdown of who a celebrity’s or influencer’s followers are, and what their interests are, as well as full demographics. If you’re a travel brand, for example, look for celebrities or influencers whose audience are interested in travel. Follow the latest social media trends, here are the biggest social media trends for 2021
  • Build a relationship and get to know them first. Even if they are really popular, support them! Share their content, ask them questions, as it gets you on their radar. No one is unreachable. Build relationships with those who are in their circle and make sure you are memorable. Here’s our guide on how to do this 
  • Consider customising a product for them, these are far more likely to be shared on social media. Here’s our guide to influencer and celebrity gifting.
  • It’s a numbers game, check out The Handbook PRO – reach thousands of celebrities instantly.
  • If you are gifting, make the package stand out. Gift on their birthday, and make sure you send something they are likely to want/need.If posting to celebrities hand deliver it to the agent- a personal touch goes a long way.Send a handwritten covering note and follow up to make sure they liked the gift. Full tips on gifting here 
  • Send it timed delivery so you know it reaches them.
  • Consider the indirect route if you have no joy, i.e. gift to celebrity assistants.
  • Create a niche and get noticed e.g. Vampire breast lift cream at the Oscars.
  • When doing the outreach, make it as personal as possible, contact by email and on all the social platforms. Email has the best retention rate and conversion rate for getting responses. When I write an email I always follow the same method.
  • Look at who the influencer’s followers are and what their interests are e.g. if you are in the fashion business look for influencers whose audiences are interested in fashion. We give you this data on The Handbook, along with full audience insights and intelligence.
  • Grab their attention quickly, these are busy people! You want them to notice your email or message.
  • It’s a numbers game, so have a sizeable list of targeted people you want to work with and don’t be disheartened if only a few reply.
  • Host an influencer event, here’s how.



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