Whether you’re a self confessed yogi, or you’re just starting out on your spiritual journey, we’ve rounded up 12 of the best yoga instructors who will add a sense of calm to your stressed isolation days and continue to motivate you on your progress.

From energising online classes to carefully curated feeds, here’s the yogis you need to follow.


If it’s killer abs you’re after, Kerri Verna aka BeachGirlYoga is your girl when it comes to working on your core stability and she can guarantee you that you’ll begin seeing results within a matter of days. Kerri has got a whole website dedicated to strengthening your poses, posture and ways to keep on top of your yogi game, while her Instagram focuses on specific areas of the body with tips, tricks and motivational quotes to get you through your yoga workouts. 


Boasting a healthy 300+ thousand followers on Instagram alone, Kayla Nielsen is a yoga teacher and humanitarian through strives to bring light, happiness and yoga to everywhere she goes. Having actually been the daughter of a yoga teacher, yoga runs in her blood and she’s consistently been practicing her whole life.

Kayla also works with @alomoves who are absolutely winning at the yoga game and are helping to inspire a new wave of yoga and bringing it onto the online world. Using the hashtag #MoveTogether, they’re inspiring others to channel their yogi and help promote harmony in ones body. 


If you get envious over beach backdrops, Kino MacGregor’s Instagram account is going to be pure torture, but she sure knows how to master every yoga pose under the sun. Having grown up on the sandy banks of Miami, Kino set up the world’s first yoga TV network, Omstars (om, great name) and seeks to inspire budding yogis through her online workshops and snippet videos. Definitely one to follow for the real yoga enthusiasts. 

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Nothing is sweeter than a mother and daughter duo, and Laura Kasperzak may have solidified the top spot for my favourite yoga instructor on Instagram, purely down to her poses where she incorporates her young daughter. I’ve been following Laura for an awfully long time and it’s been really fun watching her daughter’s yoga techniques and posture develop over the years. Some would argue her daughter has outstaged her, almost.


If you struggle with waking up in the morning without a cup o’Joe, Adriene Mishler is here to prove all you need to get through the morning is a few yoga stretches. Boasting over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone and a healthy 750K Instagram followers, it’s fair to say Adriene has had quite an impact on the online yoga community. Whether you’re just starting your journey or you’re a self confessed yogi lover, Adriene has hundreds of tutorials on YouTube for all abilities and health benefits. For example, there’s a whole tutorial dedicated to chronic pain and how to still get your yoga fix with it.


Proving yoga isn’t just for the ladies, DJ Townsel aka Derrick Townsel quit his NFL football career to pursue his true passion, yoga. Besides posting adorable couple photos, he also shows off his immaculate posture and talent. To get in shape, or to just embark on a new yogi challenge, take part in his six week online training program and put your body, mind and muscles through their paces.


Here helping to prove yoga isn’t just for the select few is @mynameisjessamyn. From beginner classes through to advanced sessions, you can tackle your new isolation hobby in style with her online sessions on The Underbelly Yoga website and live yoga classes on her Insta. If you can’t get enough and want to learn more, she’s even got a book dedicated to breaking the stereotypes associated with the yoga community. It’s worth a read for any yogi-obsessed individual.


If you’re looking for a true yogi Londoner, Mind_Body_Bowl aka Annie Clarke is your girl. Annie uses yoga to add a sense of calm, or normal into her chaotic daily life, and encourages her fellow yogis or eager audience to join her in her practice. 

And, she’s also set up a really cool news outlet, can we just talk, that’s dedicated to shedding light on good news that’s happening around the world, rather than the usual draining images we see in the media every day.


If you’re on the lookout for a well rounded and lively yoga community, Cat Meffan’s membership programme is bursting with yoga flow tutorials, monthly guided meditations, movement breakdown videos, live Q&As and access to their private Facebook group, allowing you to chat and connect with like-minded individuals. Her Insta account is a curated wall of yoga poses, snippet videos and encouragement.

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Another man on a mission to prove yoga isn’t just for women is yoga teacher and London native Adam Husler. Using his past experiences and passion for the physical activity, Adam says he “seeks more from yoga than making pretty shapes.” With over 50 thousand followers on Instagram alone, he’s helped transform the online yoga community into something of its own. Tune into his online classes to get a real taste of his unique style.


From online yoga classes to masterclass workshops, Sarah Highfield is the London based yoga instructor you need on your radar. You’ll learn how to perfect the best kapotasana pose you could ever dream of. If you can’t get enough of her perfectly curated Insta account, you can join her on the mountain top yoga retreat she’s hosting later this year in Andalucia, Spain.


Having travelled far and wide learning about the history, culture and deeper meaning of yoga, Steffy White now teaches yoga across London and is also the founder of White Light Yoga Retreats, a platform filled with workshops, retreats and gatherings held around the world. Stay motivated on your journey by flicking through her Instagram feed that’s filled with snippets and poses you can work on at home.

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