And Just Like That…, the followup to the HBO sensation that was Sex and The City, was originally meant to be a miniseries, but it’s now been confirmed that the SATC world is too much to resist and we’ll be heading back for a second season next year. Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will all be back, but Kim Catrall’s Samantha will still be absent.

Despite Catrall’s continuing distance from the series, the character of Samantha will still “appear” in the show in the form of text messages, as she did in season 1. But what else can we expect from the characters in this new batch of episodes? Season 2 will feature more of Sara Ramriez’s Che, a non-binary comedian which the creators of the show are excited about: “I want to show more of Che rather than less of Che” says producer Michael Patrick King.

The series will also see Carrie further adjust to life after her husband Mr. Big, who was rather unceremoniously killed off in the premiere of the first season after a Peloton ride- a scene which attracted a lot of media attention. Unfortunately for fans of the character, there won’t be any appearances from Mr. Big this season, after actor Chris Noth was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal resulting in the cutting of a scene in the finale of season 1.

Other than these things, the show runners are keeping fairly coy about what exactly will be happening in season 2, with more plot points to be revealed as the release date comes closer. Carrie’s new advice podcast, a modern version of her magazine column from the original series will be further explored, and unresolved questions from season 1 will be answered (or at least developed.) There’s no release date for season 2 yet, but if you need to catch up or rewatch, all episodes of And Just Like That… are available on NOW and Amazon Prime in the U.K.

The series will see Carrie further adjust to life after her husband Mr. Big...


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