Two thirds of us Brits are said to be sleep deprived and if you count yourself as one of those struggling to drift off come bedtime, we’re here to help. Well, M&S are actually. The high street brand have you covered with everything slumberland related, from chic but cosy pyjamas to bedding that will make you feel like you’re in a five star hotel and beauty products from as little as £4. Scroll on for everything you need to help catch those important ZZZs.

Sleep is one of nature’s best medicines and not getting enough of it can attribute to a whole host of health problems, from stress to a weak immune system. But getting those hours in can be easier said than done when you factor in late nights at work, children, social lives, even just the thought of getting your eight hours can send your brain into overdrive come lights out. So it’s important to get your bedtime routine nailed. Thankfully M&S has plenty of products to help, including the highest quality bedding you’ll find on the high street, pyjama sets we’d quite happily wear all day and beauty products to calm, restore and help you drift off.

Chic & Comfy Nightwear

Lining your underwear drawer with M&S staples is a no brainer, but it’s worth checking out their nightwear too. From breathable cotton sets perfect perfect for lazy days on the sofa to silky two-pieces and vintage-inspired robes for when you’re after something a little more special, there’s something to choose from no matter what your slumber style.

A pair of M&S's cashmere socks make perfect gifts too (hint hint) - ideal for cosy nights in.

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Dreamy Bedding

Building an environment that aids your sleep is vital to getting in your eight hours. M&S has plenty in the way of affordable bedding that feels like you’re slipping into the most luxury of hotel beds.

Upgrade your linen cupboard with Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet sets; stay cosy this winter with high-quality duck feather and down duvets; and melt into a good night’s sleep with their natural mattress topper.

And for those who spend the nights tossing and turning, check out M&S’s exclusive BodySensor™ range. Made from smart technology, the line of bedding keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s warm. Genius.

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Products To Send You To Slumberland

From diffusers that will transform a bedroom into a calming space to bath products that will start off your bedtime routine right, there are plenty of beauty and wellbeing products available at M&S to get you in the mood for sleep.

Check out the brand’s Apothecary range for a line of calming, restoring and sleep boosting products, from candles to pillow sprays and indulgent bath salts.

This Works' Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a must for those who struggle to drift off. We wouldn't go to bed without it.

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