As if Brighton wasn’t ‘chichi’ enough, it’s not only getting its own Soho House, it’s getting one in the next few months!

When we heard that Soho House was moving to Brighton our first thought was ‘yeah, like everyone else’ and our second was ‘sure, we’ll believe it when we see it’. Fast forward five months since they announced it and Soho House founder Nick Jones has confirmed that the opening is still ‘on track’ for this year.

In fact, Brighton is just one of seven new openings slated for this year, to add to an existing roster of 27, all of which it is hoped will see the club finally make a profit for the first time.

Brighton is just one of seven new openings slated for this year...

The company’s business plan has always been something of a mystery, with grand clubs opening every other month across the globe, seemingly in the hope that there are enough clubbable locals who can be won over by high-end mis-matched furniture while the hotel-y side things can be dialled up in the meantime providing a house-from-house for wandering members.

It’s a strategy which has seen the number of clubs and members balloon and, with the decline of covid the group’s attributable net losses at Membership Collective (the slightly disappointing and unimaginative name for an organisation aimed at creatives) have followed suit, falling from $76 million to $56 million (£40.9 million) in the three months to July 4th with the hope that the company will see its first profit by the end of next year.

The new opening is a crucial early test for a business which IPO'd just last month...

Which brings us back to Brighton. The new opening is a crucial early test for a business which IPO’d just last month. Soho House may have raised over $400m, valuing the company at $2.6 billion, the share price has started to trend downwards and all eyes will be on the seaside resort.

Sadly not Brighton, but you get the idea...

Which is potentially good, whether you’re a shareholder or a local. Located on the city’s Madeira Terrace, the club should be impressive. After a long  consultation process permission was granted way back in 2016 for works on Grade II listed terrace.

Located on the city's Madeira Terrace, the club should be impressive...

The result promises to include a gym, indoor and outdoor bars, a fish restaurant and a sun deck complete with that Soho House essential, a plunge pool.

The timing couldn’t be better. With Londoners relocating to the coast in droves the opening ensures that they don’t jack in their Soho House memberships while opening up possibilities to a host of new potential members in the smart enclave.

It’s also sure to appeal to the new WFH dynamic, with the reality that London offices are finally more open to hybrid working meeting the inconvenient truth that working from your actual home is boring as hell. Solution: work from Soho House.

Will it pay off? We hope so!

In addition ‘staycation’ tourism looks set to stick around now we’ve all whet our appetites. Non-members being able to book into Soho House Brighton will be a draw.

Will it pay off? We hope so! Meanwhile, expect to see more news in the next couple months (unless he meant financial year…?)

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