Spending Every Dime For A Wonderful Time: The Ritz Gets A Two-Storey Spa and Pool In £300m Refurb

By Rufus Punt | 4th October 2021

The most famous hotel in Britain is getting a massive refurbishment: The Ritz Hotel will be digging down to create a new basement at a cost of an eye watering £300 million.

The extension will add an extra five storeys below the hotel, and will include a pool, spa, gym and sauna. Whilst the hotel is famous for its “Tea at the Ritz”, the new basement will also feature a juice bar if you fancy some healthy drinking. Other additions include over 50 new bedrooms and an extension at roof level, and new high security car parking spaces for VIP guests.

It seems that building down, not up, is the fashion at the moment...


The driving reason for this refurbishment is the Ritz’s new owners, who believe that the hotel is in need of expanding and updating for the present day. Numerous other London hotels are also embarking on subterranean expansions, so it seems that building down, not up, is the fashion at the moment.


Of course, such a big addition to the legendary hotel may provoke feelings that the Ritz is being changed too much, but its owners assure that “the seamless continuation of the building, wrapping around Arlington Street, will keep the character and heritage of the hotel and help complete the vision of its founder, the legendary hotelier Cesar Ritz.”

They continued “However in recent years there’s been a realisation and an acute need to enhance the operation of the Ritz for its guests and visitors.” Clearly then, there is a desire to expand the hotel for the modern age, but in keeping with the history and style that has become world famous.

There is a desire to expand the hotel for the modern age...



The refurbishment was approved by Westminster councillors on Tuesday evening, and we don’t know when it will be completed, but we hope it’s soon, not least to see what a spa at the Ritz would be like.

Like all hotels in Britain, The Ritz of course had to close for much of the pandemic, so this extension will provide new interest and buzz around it in this post COVID age when many hotels, restaurants and other areas of hospitality are still very much struggling with the recovery period. The refurbishment will surely be a grand one though, equipping and updating the historic building for the foreseeable future, and giving new meaning to “Puttin’ On The Ritz.”

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