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Whether it’s rustling up homemade sausage rolls from scratch or picking out the perfect tartan blanket for the occasion, preparing for a picnic has always been a rather theatrical affair. With picnicking now back on the cards, we’re willing to go the extra mile to really eek out the mega reunion with friends and family and this includes hand-selecting the perfect tipple to enjoy when basking in the sun at the park. 

With canned beverages all the rage right now, it seems fitting to make sure your hamper is filled with our latest favourite, Slingsby Spritz, the sophisticated hard seltzer offering from premium drinks brand, Slingsby Gin. 

From its fruity flavours to its low calorific content, the new Slingsby Spritz range is sure to be a favourite among gin and spritz lovers alike. 

Read on to find out why it’s our tipple of choice this picnic season…

It’s rich in history

Let’s start at the beginning… If you haven’t heard of or tried Slingsby Gin before, the drinks brand’s story began back in 1571 when William Slingsby discovered the unique properties of the natural spring water from Harrogate’s Tewit Well. Since then, his discovery has brought visitors from around the world to the North Yorkshire town to restore body, mind and soul through relaxing, indulging and socialising, and to this day, the drinks brand hopes to capture the ‘Spirit of Harrogate’ with every bottle. 

Now centuries later, Slingsby Gin continues to use locally sourced botanicals, water drawn from the Harrogate aquifer, pure single grain spirit and plucks a handful of the finest ingredients from around the world for every drop made. The history lives on even in their latest launch, the Slingsby Spritz and in their canned gin and tonics too.

It’s a quirky take on the hard seltzer trend 

Helping to add a little fizz to your day, the new range of Slingsby Spritz from the premium gin brand is both sophisticated and delicious.

If you don’t know what a hard seltzer is, it’s essentially sparkling water mixed with alcohol and fresh fruit extracts and flavours, and this new range from Slingsby combines their premium award-winning gin into the mix, creating a seriously refreshing and healthy take on your favourite tipple.

It’s a lighter way to enjoy drinking

For those mindful about what and how much they are drinking, the Slingsby Spritz range is incredibly low in calories, with only 70 calories per can. It’s both vegan and gluten-free too so everyone can enjoy a cold can at the park or at home this spring. 

It’s also perfect for those who are wanting to cut down on their alcohol content without sacrificing on flavour or taste, as this new canned range also has a slightly lower alcohol content too, coming in at just 5% ABV.

Each can is full of fruity flavour

Just because it’s low on the calorie front doesn’t mean it’s lacking in flavour. For those who love an array of fruity choices, you’ll be glad to know the canned range comes in three delicious flavours.

Our favourite of the three flavours though has to be the Marmalade & Apricot, a fizzy drink take on Paddington’s favourite sandwich filling.

The Rhubarb & Strawberry combines both the fruitiness from the strawberry and the tanginess from the British favourite, rhubarb beautifully, while the Damson & Blackberry has a vibrant blackberry flavour with subtle damson undertones. Our favourite of the three flavours though has to be the Marmalade & Apricot, a fizzy drink take on Paddington’s favourite sandwich filling. These are available in a trio pack for £7.50 or you can treat yourself to a full case of 12 for £30.

There’s minimal prep

Perfect for picnics or livening up your weekend walk, these cans need little to no prep. All you need to do is keep it chilled, crack it open and enjoy the drink straight from the can.

There are canned gin and tonics to try too

If you’re after just a classic canned take on a gin and tonic, fear not because they’ve also recently revamped their Slingsby Solo range, a convenient way to enjoy your favourite tipple on the go. 

These also come in three signature Harrogate brand flavours, Slingsby Rhubarb Gin & Elderflower Tonic, Slingsby Rhubarb Gin & Ginger Ale, and Slingsby Marmalade Gin & Mediterranean Tonic. These come in a trio pack for £7.50 or can be purchased in larger packs too.  

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