Arguably the most important question that helped shape seven years of millennials childhood and tore friendships apart: are you team Edward or are you team Jacob? Whatever your answer was you were undoubtedly going to be judged by someone in your friendship group. 

I’m going to be honest and tell you that I was always more of an Edward fan. Maybe it was his sharp, jarring jawline or his twinkling skin that sold it for me, but that’s the stance I chose and I’m not afraid to stick by it.

Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series helped define a high school generation, and whether you read or watched the movies or not, you couldn’t escape the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle that emerged. And it seems that even eight years since the last film, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, was released fans across the world are still itching for more Edward and Jacob dramas and we have Meyer’s recent epic announcement that she’s releasing a Twilight prequel this summer to thank for that. 

Last week saw Twilight fans rejoice as the American novelist known for transporting vampire romances to centre stage announced that a prequel, Midnight Sun, to the Twilight trilogy is scheduled to arrive on the 4th of August. 

Edward fans, myself included, are even more so excited due to the fact that this novel will be narrated from the heart throbbing Edward Cullen’s perspective.

The announcement for Midnight Sun was made by Meyer herself, on her website after lovers of the trilogy had been kept in anticipation for the duration of the weekend thanks to the ticking countdown clock on the site, which obviously signalled a huge announcement. 

Meyer wrote, in a statement, that “I hope this announcement doesn’t seem ill-timed; I really considered delaying the release until the world was back to normal. However, 1) who knows when that will be? And 2) you guys have waited long enough. Much longer than long enough, actually.

“I don’t know how everyone else is coping, but right now books are my main solace and happiest escape. Personally, I would be nothing but delighted if one of my favourite authors announced something new for me to read. (No pressure, Laini Taylor.) So, I hope this announcement gave you some pleasure and something fun to look forward to.”

Whether you’re team Edward or team Jacob, one thing is for sure, we cannot wait to see how the prequel unfolds.

Midnight Sun is released 4th August 2020

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