This Thursday 26th March, the UK are encouraged to come together in support of our brilliant NHS staff.

A nationwide round of applause will take place at 8pm on Thursday as a thank you to the NHS workers putting their lives on the line during the Coronavirus outbreak. The #clapforourcarers campaign is asking us all to join together on front doorsteps, gardens, out of windows, on balconies or simply in our living rooms for a huge countrywide applause and cheer for our fantastic doctors, nurses, GPs and carers.

NHS staff have been working around the clock and under more pressure than has ever been felt in the history of the organisation. Over 4,00 retired doctors and nurses are selflessly returning to help with the crisis and they are all dealing with the emotional strain that most of us are kept from.

Some have contracted the disease themselves and we’ve been told by the government that it’s likely health care professionals will die as a result of caring for our sick. Never before have we been prouder of these frontline workers than now.

On Monday evening Boris announced stricter measures to keep people self-distancing and in our homes, but this Thursday evening, we ask you to all come together (safely of course) for our incredible NHS staff.

Looks like real superheroes don’t wear capes after all, they wear scrubs.

Please join the country for one big applause to our NHS workers on Thursday 26th March 2020.


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