Raccoon Event Photographers believe in a more natural approach to capturing an image. Inspired by, and respectful to, nature, we try and do things a little differently. We work in a way we think you’ll like, to give you results we think you’ll love. Your important event is full of life and emotion. From an intimate family party to a bustling event for you company or clients, your guests will be talking, laughing, dancing, on the move and in the moment.

Raccoon Event photographers don’t interrupt with intrusive photography; we prefer to observe quietly, to “tread lightly”; to let your guests feel at ease and thus capture truly special moments. (We use long-lenses to get up-close shots without having to be up-close to take them.) Raccoon Event Photography ensures a carbon-neutral service. We offset all our travel to your event, use the very latest digital cameras and editing equipment to minimise excess printing, and use fully recycled paper stock for the prints you choose.

We will bring you a more natural, more human approach to event photography, and you can be sure its all done with the least possible effect on the environment. We look forward to meeting you, and your expectations, with a new approach to photography.