Sharky & George create the most awesome, imaginative and active children’s parties and events for all ages.  From our office Tree House, we dream up endless fun and games and love making the weirdest requests into reality. The main aim is “Find the fun in everything.” 

Our team of guys and girls are all naturally enthusiastic, polite and helpful with a genuine love for scampering around and playing games all day long.  All of our parties involve energetic games, races, competitions, adventures and missions always involving a certain amount of mischief! 

Sharky (Charlie) and George have never quite grown up, and don’t intend to any time soon. They have managed to build a whole team of guys and girls who are complete experts in fun with boundless energy, effortless charm and totally brilliant with children of all ages. So whether you’re interested in a woodland survival party, a chocolate making extravaganza, a movie making masterclass or a couple of hours of good honest fun, Sharky & George will do everything we possibly can to create the most awesome party imaginable.

Interesting fact about Sharky & George: We drive around in a white London taxi with our Shark on the outside and everyone leaves the office by slide.