The Cake Kit Company was launched the Autumn of 2007. The concept behind the business was to simplify home baking. To get more people back in the kitchen baking cakes without having the hassle of getting all the ingredients together at the seventh hour. So to do this we created the ‘Cake Kit’.

In our kits we supply everything you need, all ready measured out for you to bake and decorate your cake; disposable baking trays, premium quality cake mix, ready-to-roll fondant coloured icings, decorations, cakeboard, candles, and a step-by-step guide.

Starting off in the home kitchen, then into a custom made catering trailer and finally into some converted barns we have come along way since October 07 and through valuable customer feed back developed the products to make them even better. In January 08 we launched our cup cakes, offering personalized mini cakes for weddings, parties, corporate events and many events throughout the UK and Europe. In April 08 Theresa joined us and while she continued to get cakes out the door I looked at other areas for the business to grow. Since then we have launched our ‘Smell’s of Home Baking’ range of scented candles, introduced gingerbread kits and cookie kits and increased the range of cake kits.

With a range of products from Cake Kits to gingerbread kits, cupcakes and scented candles we are continually growing and developing our range.

“I believe baking may be the most alluring kitchen activity for children. I have great childhood memories of my mother baking and I was always a willing participant, especially if it meant I could re-varnish the kitchen floor with treacle!” – James Middleton